Choosing a Coven.

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Choosing a Coven.
Post # 1
You should always choose a Coven that is better suited to what you are practicing or what you want to practice. If you want to practice elemental magick, join a coven that deals with elemental magick. Don't join a coven in which the topics are nothing you know about. Joining a coven can be hard for some and easy for others. To join a coven that suits your practice(s) or beliefs, take a minute to go over all of the topic you practice. If you practice for example, dragon magick and fairie magick, this deals with spirits (you are working with the spirits of fairies and dragons), you should join a coven dealing with spirit work. Now let's say you practice gathering energies, chakra work, and balancing your energies, why not join a coven that has to do with energy work? Of course, you are not limited to these topics. Remember to choose the coven that suits your practice(s) the best. You can learn many new things about the practice. Of course remember to contribute your own knowledge and respect and enforce the Coven rules.

I hope this was able to help any who had/has trouble joining a coven.

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Re: Choosing a Coven.
Post # 2
Wonderful forum post, Amora.

I would just like to add that when choosing, you should also seek a coven which is active in forums and chatter. That way, if you have any questions, your fellow coven members would be able to help you. I find that the smaller the group, around 15-30 people, the more the intimacy and bond. Just keep in mind that to join a coven with real content, not fluff or roleplay based.

If you're specifically looking for content and aren't interested in joining any covens, you can explore the forums. Some of the closer covens have read-only posts with great content which you may find useful.
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Re: Choosing a Coven.
Post # 3
Thank you for your suggestions, but I'm having trouble choosing. My studies have been cursory. I've read on worksfrom Elemental work to Hermetic Qabbalistic magic to Medieval necromancy and everything in-between.

I want to gain a focus, but each Coven seems to touch on at least one topic I'm interested in. How does one decide?
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Re: Choosing a Coven.
Post # 4
Try to narrow it down to a handful of covens that you think would most be suited to your individual needs or interests. Once you've narrowed it down, talk to the coven leaders and members to see what they have to say about their covens. Go over what each says and weigh it against what you think would best suit you and go from there.
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