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Spell suggestion
Post # 1
I am looking for a spell that allows me to communicate with a spirit and gain information from them, like who they are and where they came from and banish this spirit afterwards.

Any Suggestions?
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Re: Spell suggestion
Post # 2
this might help.....I DO invocate and conjure thee, O Spirit, N.30; and being with power armed from
the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee, by BERALANENSIS, BALDACHIENSIS,
PAUMACHIA, and APOLOGIAE SEDES; by the most Powerful Princes,
Genii, Liachidee, and Ministers of the Tartarean Abode; and by the Chief Prince of
the Seat of Apologia in the Ninth Legion, I do invoke thee, and by invocating
conjure thee. And being armed with power from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do
strongly command thee, by Him Who spake and it was done, and unto whom all
creatures be obedient. Also I, being made after the image of GOD, endued with
power from GOD and created according unto His will, do exorcise thee by that most
mighty and powerful name of GOD, EL, strong and wonderful; O thou Spirit N.
And I command thee and Him who spake the Word and His FIAT was accomplished,
and by all the names of God. Also by the names ADONAI, EL, ELOHIM,
SHADDAI, LORD GOD MOST HIGH, I do exorcise thee and do powerfully command
thee, O thou Spirit N., that thou dost forthwith appear unto me here before this
Circle in a fair human shape, without any deformity or tortuosity. And by this
ineffable name, TETRAGRAMMATON IEHOVAH, do I command thee, at the which
being heard the elements are overthrown, the air is shaken, the sea runneth back, the
fire is quenched, the earth trembleth, and all the hosts of the celestials, terrestrials,
and infernals, do tremble together, and are troubled and confounded. Wherefore
come thou, O Spirit N., forthwith, and without delay, from any or all parts of the
world wherever thou mayest be, and make rational answers unto all things that I shall
demand of thee. Come thou peaceably, visibly, and affably, now, and without delay,
manifesting that which I shall desire. For thou art conjured by the name of the
LIVING and TRUE GOD, HELIOREN, wherefore fulfil thou my commands, and persist
thou therein unto the end, and according unto mine interest, visibly and affably
30 Here interpolate the name of the Spirit desired to be invocated. In some of the Codices there are
faint variations in the form of wording of the conjurations, but not sufficient to change the sense, e.
g., ?Tartarean abode" for ?Tartarean seat,? etc.
speaking unto me with a voice clear and intelligible without any ambiguity.
REPEAT this conjuration as often as thou pleasest, and if the Spirit come not yet,
say as followeth:
I DO invocate, conjure, and command thee, O thou Spirit N., to appear and to
show thyself visibly unto me before this Circle in fair and comely shape, without any
deformity or tortuosity; by the name and in the name IAH and VAU, which Adam
heard and spake; and by the name of GOD, AGLA, which Lot heard and was saved
with his family; and by the name IOTH, which Jacob heard from the angel wrestling
with him, and was delivered from the hand of Esau his brother; and by the name
ANAPHAXETON which Aaron heard and spake and was made wise; and by the name
ZABAOTH, which Moses named and all the rivers were turned into blood; and by the
name ASHER EHYEH ORISTON, which Moses named, and all the rivers brought forth
frogs, and they ascended into the houses, destroying all things; and by the name
ELION, which Moses named, and there was great hail such as had not been since the
beginning Of the world; and by the name ADONAI, which Moses named, and there
came up locusts, which appeared upon the whole land, and devoured all which the
hail had left; and by the name SCHEMA AMATHIA which Ioshua called upon, and the
sun stayed his course; and by the name ALPHA and OMEGA, which Daniel named,
and destroyed Bel, and slew the Dragon; and in the name EMMANUEL, which the
three children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, sang in the midst of the fiery
furnace, and were delivered; and by the name HAGIOS; and by the SEAL31 OF ADONI;
ATHANATOS; and by these three secret names, AGLA, ON, TETRAGRAMMATON, do I
adjure and constrain thee. And by these names, and by all the other names of the
LIVING and TRUE GOD, the LORD ALMIGHTY, I do exorcise and command thee, O
Spirit N., even by Him Who spake the Word and it was done, and to Whom all
creatures are obedient; and by the dreadful judgments of GOD; and by the uncertain
Sea of Glass, which is before the DIVINE MAJESTY, mighty and powerful; by the four
beasts before the throne, having eyes before and behind; by the fire round about the
throne; by the holy angels of Heaven; and by the mighty wisdom of GOD; I do
potently exorcise thee, that thou appearest here before this Circle, to fulfil my will in
all things which shall seem good unto me; by the Seal of BASDATHEA BALDA-CHIA;
and by this name PRIMEUMATON, which Moses named, and the earth opened, and
did swallow up Kora, Dathan, and Abiram. Wherefore thou shalt make faithful
answers unto all my demands, O Spirit N., and shalt perform all my desires so far as
in thine office thou art capable hereof. Wherefore, come thou, visibly, peaceably, and
affably, now without delay, to manifest that which I desire, speaking with a clear and
perfect voice, intelligibly, and to mine understanding.
IF HE come not yet at the rehearsal of these two first conjurations (but without
doubt he will), say on as followeth; it being a constraint:
31 In some ?By the Seat of Adonai? or ?By the Throne of Adonai.? In these conjurations and elsewhere
in the body of the text I have given the divine names correctly.
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Re: Spell suggestion
By: / Novice
Post # 3
How about you use an ouija board or a pendulum.Or any of the various types divination practices.LBRP is good banishing ritual however you may try banishing method you know
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Re: Spell suggestion
Post # 4
If you contact a spirit,make sure you are polite to it,it probably won't be good for you if you make the spirit angry.
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Re: Spell suggestion
Post # 5
what about inflation spells
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Re: Spell suggestion
Post # 6

Try meditation, it trains your brian, so when your speaking to spirit you will know what it is saying.

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