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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Magic Binding

Magic Binding
Post # 1
Is it possible to place some of your magic in an object so you wouldnt have to concentrate when casting just release the magic from the object? If so please help me.
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Re: Magic Binding
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This is very impractical idea . Instead of working as shortcut ,it makes even more difficult for you to deal with most circumstances .
You clearly do not understand what "your magic " is .
Your magic is combination of will and energy which are channeled in some idea,image ,object or into something .
You can simply channel those ,without using any objects .Of course you still have to concentrate ,no slacking is allowed .
No object is stronger than your own itent and skills .
Furthermore most objects of power ,mojo bags ,chamrs ,talismans ,amulets and any other sort ot tools sould be recharged at some point .
There is not such thing as charging an object once and for all time , to do all the work instead of me while I am napping on the sofa .
What makes objects special is you and nothing else .
Your tools are as good as their master is ,and work as much as you do.
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Re: Magic Binding
Post # 3
it is posible however this process i find is slower because of the energy you have to summon and the amount of energy placed into the object
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Re: Magic Binding
Post # 4
Merry meet storm witches catch a breeze in there hair knot it to bind the wind in their hair and untie it when they want a breeze lol binding is an old ways way of trapping magical energies to be used later as well of stoping things even thoughts my favorite binding spell is to take a black cord intwine it 3 times the number of saturn around your wrist you will wear this as an all purpose binding cord on saturday hour of saturn 1am is fine dedicate it to him annoint it with spit yours or blood left tie a knot to effect the past middle to effect the present right far end to effect the future links can be knoted in the knots not nessary as you tie the knot say saturn be to undo untie saying saturn free saturn is the deity and planet of bindings suppressions endings time and hexes black is his color i love my bracelet you can knot your hair though your choice bright blessings )O(
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Re: Magic Binding
Post # 5
I have seen one form of magic done by a friend of mine similar to what your looking for, he used it for when he wanted to do rituals without his parents (heavily christian)finding out. However the way it worked was dangerous; if anything bad happens to the medium it reflects upon the user. when his was knocked over it's leg broke off, three days later his leg broke in almost the exact fashion. I don't suggest this sort of thing unless you have a hinderence in your life (such as above) just know the risks if you decide to do it anyways.
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