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dream reading
Post # 1
Hi i am looking for someone who can read dreams as i believe there is a warning that can not be ignored

the dream started off at a family party at a club that i don't remember going to but it did look fermiler. I was talking to members of my family, after a wile i decide to leave and on doing so seen a young girl kick her mother in the head, knocking her off her chair and onto the floor, on getting up the woman did not say anything but had a single tear on her face with this she the looked at her husband and started to walk away, the male the picked up the young girl and kissed her on the head. With this the woman then stomped on the floor two times. the male then picked up a rucksack and started to head for the door. As the male holding the young girl walked towards the exist the, the woman the walked towards the toilets standing in the doorway with this the man then existed the door and few the young girl down into the cellar at that point i shouted to everyone in the room what the man had done and they whet to grab the man i then followed the woman into the toilets to get her at which point she entered s room i then told the people in the room what had happened and they tried to get into the room with no result, I then kicked the door down and went into the room being forced out with unnatural force at which point i was the only person in the room and everyone had vanished i was then woken up

i rely believe there is something in this dream as it takes alot for something to wake me up in the manner that is did
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