sent from heaven

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sent from heaven
Post # 1
I have known LORD DAMILOLA for over a year now. I came to him after much searching and frustration. The love of my life, and the man I believe to be my soul mate had left me because of my stupidity. Though now as I write this testimonial, I realize that the separation was the best thing to ever happen. For me it has been a time to learn about myself and the way I treat my partner. I have grown much over the last year and continue to grow even now. I truly don't know what I would have done without Lord DAMILOLA. He talks of "Divinity" and "Angels" when in fact I believe he is one of those angels, sent by God. He is unlike any other magical practitioner I have encountered, and I have encountered many. He has been there for me, every step of the way. He talks about checking in regularly and if I don't call him, he calls me. It seems when I am most lost, God tells Lord Damilola I need him and he will call me on the phone, out of the blue, sometimes after months
of no contact. Lord Damilola and I have spent hours on the phone at a time. He comforts me, he counsels me, he motivates me and he is there for me as a friend. My journey has been very difficult and at times I have come very close to giving up. Lord Damilola's work did bring my lover back to me but unfortunately it did not last because I did not listen to his advice. When my lover came back, things weren't "right on" and instead of calling him I took matters into my own hands and lost my lover AGAIN. Lord Damilola did what needed to be done to correct the problem for me. Sometimes he scares me with what he knows, but in a good way. I do not want to be specific with regard to money here because I know he treats each of his clients individually but he has worked with me in ways NO ONE else would. He has never let money be the focus of our work together. As a matter of fact, if I think about all the time he has worked with me and for me, he has been seriously
underpaid and I owe him BIG TIME. Lord Damilola continues to work with me and for me to bring back my lover AGAIN. This time, I will not ignore his advice. My advice to you, don't take my word for it if you have any relationship problem, contact him for help and you will know he is sincere, kind, caring, honest, and skilled. You can get him via his personal email: (
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Re: sent from heaven
Post # 2
In your last paragraph you offer the advice of not to take your word for it, but then go on to suggest we contact this Lord Damilola, so which piece of advice should we be following? Should we be contacting Lord Damilola (gender unknown at this point) or should we be ignoring what you said?
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