i need supllys

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Forums -> Magic Items -> i need supllys

i need supllys
Post # 1
I am a newbie and I need a wand & a book of shadows (the cheapest I can find is on the online shop which has a dragon on it )
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Re: i need supllys
Post # 2
Depending on your position, you can obviously buy that. Some online sites that you can buy from are this one, and there's

I haven't really compared prices, but, if you look at my other form post in here about what is needed, you don't REALLY need all that stuff. But a book of shadows is a must! Mine started off as a HUGE binder, but that got to bulky to I bought a small journal that I use as a B.O.S now. I am going to buy that other stuff as I advance and learn more.

For a wand you can simply go out and do this simple little ceremony.

Find a tree that speaks to you, that grabs you eyes. Identify that trees species. Approach it with calmness on you mind/heart. Ask it, in your head or out loud, "blessed (species) tree, is it you that shall hold my power?" Then seat near the tree, or lean against it, and meditate. You will get a feeling and it will tell you your answer. If it it is not clear, try again, and make sure nothing else is on your mind, and no other tree sparks your interest.

- if it says yes. On a full moon. Grab a sharp knife or shears, cleanse and charge it. Go to the tree and ask "blessed (species) tree, may I take my wand from you, to use it for good, and forever?"

- Meditate, holding the knife/shears to your heart. Whenever you feel right, get up and use the CLEANSED AND CHARGED shears/knife to cut a small branch from the tree. Kiss the wand and put it to your heart.

- take the shears/knife and thrust it deep into the dirt by the tree and say " I give this clean power back to its owner (the owner being the tree or nature) wishing that it will aid me again. Thank you beautiful (species) tree, and blessed be." Take the wand and hide it don't let anyone touch it for one lunar month. (You can take the knife/shears out whenever)
Then you can use it.

Hope this helps!

Blessed be!
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Re: i need supllys
Post # 3
BOS can be a simple notebook. A wand is used to direct energy. You can do this with your poity finger. If you really want a wand, go find a stick. Make sure you thank the tree it came from. You can do the ritual on the reply before mine. Even a chopstick can be used. You don't need to spend a lot of money for these things. You can even make your own inscence and candles if you want. Making things is a good way of putting your pernal energy in it too. Hope this helps. Blessed Be...
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