Looking for spell help me

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Looking for spell help me
Post # 1
i want to have a sex with a girl ,she live in a same house ,she is my house mate girlfriend,but i want to have a sex with her any spells that work
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Re: Looking for spell help me
Post # 2
I really don't think there is any spells, to unwilling force your friend to have sex with you. But there is many that will increase your chances. I think it would be on ill will to force her to have sex with you. There is many spells here that you can try. But remember to have good intentions and thoughts going through your mind. Look in the catagorey 'sexual spells' each spell has different effects on its users. It may works well for one, but not for another. Find one that you like or make your own. I suggest doing spells that would better your chances, so you will both enjoy and remember it, unlike her not remembering it and possibly leaving.
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Re: Looking for spell help me
Post # 3
there are thousands of spells out there to attract someone and even force someone although i'd think twice about that one. Try this site or google or better still there are some brilliant ebooks on amazon that are really cheap you just got to know where to look
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Re: Looking for spell help me
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Uhm ... well.

Here's the thing.

If she's your housemate's girlfriend, using magic to coerce her into having sex with you behind his back is just begging the Universe to club you upside the head with a karma-baton.

There's nothing wrong with being attracted to someone who's unavailable to you, since, for the most part, that's not something you can control. You CAN control the dignity and maturity with which you approach the situation, and what I described above is the very opposite of both.

If you like, you can search for spells intended to break them apart or make her attracted to you. Neither are very noble endeavors either, but at least they don't involve forcing your way into her ladybits magically.

Ultimately, my advice is this: leave that sleeping dragon well enough alone. There are plenty of other available women who would be happy to oblige you with their company. You should focus your efforts, conventional and magical, toward attracting someone less 'off-limits.'

Blessed be.
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