Spirit Guide or Guardian?

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Spirit Guide or Guardian?
Post # 1
Ok. I am trying to figure out if I have met my spirit guide, guardian or something totally different. When I was younger, a very scary monster like rabbit(being totally serious and no I was not on drugs)would come to me in my dreams and warn me of something bad that was going to happen. Last year around this time, the rabbit came to me in my dreams before my grandfather died and told me to wake up to find out who was wailing in my house. It is very scary but it has never lied nor does it pop up all the time in my dreams. So does anybody have any input on this.
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Re: Spirit Guide or Guardian?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Rabbits in dreams usually represent fertility (specifically related to the earth, aka springtime) and sexuality. They are also luck charms, hence the existence of lucky rabbits' feet.

In the European tradition of dream interpretation, a black rabbit is a symbol of mourning. They can forecast a future death or represent grief over a recent death. This adheres pretty well to your experience.

In dreams, images manifest themselves as representations of subconscious desires and fears. It isn't that the rabbit itself is particularly scary; in dreams, innocuous symbols can take on an ominous meaning. It's that your subconscious has chosen to represent your fear of death in the form of a black and monstrous rabbit.

Knowing this, you can help conquer this fear - and put an end to your nightmares - by 'confronting' the entity in the physical plane. Draw it as best as you can, write a description, mold a model out of clay - whatever method you prefer, what's important is making a representative model with your own hands. Making it yourself represents releasing your fears into the object.

When it is finished, bury it or toss it into a body of water. This represents a total shedding of your fear. The act should prove very cathartic.

This is, of course, if you want to expel the creature. If it has provided you meaningful insight, it might be better to get to know it. Look into spells to contacting astral beings. The effigy you create will be useful for narrowing down the target of your contact attempt. Display it on your altar or hold it in your hand while you meditate.

Hope this helps! Blessed be.
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