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Spells and Wishes
Post # 1
then look no further than,
Aurora did me proud got me out of debt with a good money spell - it was quite risky yes as I had no money so to buy a money spell when the bank balance is low made me nervous to say the least but it did work, i got a tax rebate, i now getting money that i am due and the person who owed me fianlly paid.

A lot of people do use her for love spells yes but my situation was money but think i am going to buy the banish negative energy spell and a fertility spell next.
Thanks for reading my post.

What are everyones plans for chritsmas would love to know how some of you pagans celebrate, I am slightly ignorant I know but I am not very clued up sorry. Would also love to know how lots of other religions and countries celebrate.
Merry Christmas

Re: Spells and Wishes
Post # 2
If you were owed tax you would have gotten it anyway. Or are you suggesting a spell magically conjured up a tax rebate you wouldnt have got, like all of a sudden your owed tax money when you werent.

Re: Spells and Wishes
Post # 3
No darling merely just stating the facts of what actualy happened no need for the attitude eh??

Re: Spells and Wishes
Post # 4
No attitude intended. Just cant work out how this is a spell. Yes if it was a lottery win or something, but what your saying is Aurora did a money spell for you and all that happened was you got some money from a tax rebate which you would have got anyway. All this Arora has done is somehow knew you were coming into some money and then charged you for making something happen which would have happened if you see what I mean. Sorry, I dont get it, or am I missing something?

Re: Spells and Wishes
Post # 5
If thats how you feel then fine - but I know the truth I have had spells but can only mention the money spell as the other spell highly private but think what you will, I am just telling you how I found her and that is amazing. That is all..

Re: Spells and Wishes
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Sounds like you have been scammed. You most likely would have gotten that money even if the spell wasn't cast. But let's be realistic. You paid for a spell. Who's to say the Aurora person actually cast it? You can't be guaranteed that. You can't be one-hundred percent positive that a stranger you paid money for to cast a spell for you actually cast a spell. What is most likely that happened is mere scammed coincidence. You paid money; Aurora claims to have cast it; you got paid money you would have gotten any ways. This the causing the thought process of "oh, he/she helped me. It cost a little but i was really helped by (caster)." This is why you shouldn't pay for a spell you can cast on your own. And if you won't cast it your self but instead would look for another to do it - even pay them to - then magick isn't what you need to get involved with.

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