I am really trying

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I am really trying
Post # 1
I'm new this and want to know to know about what I can choose from and how do I know which one is right for me. So far I want to read about Paganism and I also want to know how I can become more intune with my inner spirituality. So far I can say that I can read if a person is bad or good at first sight. Can someone tell me if this is progress or not. I'm lost and confused. But I know this is what I want to do. I really hope I can make some friends on here and get some really good advice. Also I have started my journal today. Thanks for reading and bless be for those who can not help me.
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Re: I am really trying
Post # 2
First, you need to learn the basics. This will teach you why and how magick works. We all had to do this. Then it gets easier. Once you understand, yuou will know how to do some magick.
Now choosing your path is your decision. Look at each one and see what fits you. You don't have to choose any, if you don't want to. You may decide later that you want something more. Well, that's up to you too. But the basics is where to start your leaning about magick. Hope this helps. Mail me if you need help. Blessed Be...
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Re: I am really trying
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: I am really trying
Post # 4
First I would suggest you grab a few books on paganism. This will give you a basic foundation on what your getting yourself into. Once you read a few books, you'll see that direction of that road (Your road). I can see my future and my road! I have my car ready and all my plans. I just have a really bad time actually starting the car, and don't let that get to you.
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Re: I am really trying
Post # 5
When you first start it is best to question yourself about why you choose this path and what draws you to it. Next there are so many religions out there and paths and types of magick to choose from. You have to listen to your inner voice and find one that stands out to you. I am drawn to the path of the Druids because it calls out to me. I love nature, I like some of the Celtic lore and stories and I just feel that it is right for me. I also practice Wicca for the same reasons which both fit together since a Druid is really a nature path of witchcraft.
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