Seriously everyone think!

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Seriously everyone think!

Seriously everyone think!
Post # 1
I have been watching chat for awhile and I have been casually glancing over the forums. I would like to take a moment of your time to address some issues that I see are occurring.

~ You can not, let me stress CAN NOT change the very essence of who you are. You can not make yourself into a mythical being such as mermaid, werewolf, vampire, or anything of the sorts.

~ To further the vampire, there is a such thing as a psychic vampire but they are not the blood drinkers of books and Hollywood propaganda. They are people who are not always aware that they are drawing off the energy of those who are around them.

~ Another thing, just because you ask for someone to do a reading does not mean that they actually give you a correct reading. The best that you can do is get a way of doing some divination such as a tarot deck, runes, or scrying. Learn a method that works for you and then use it for yourself.

~ We are not here to spoonfeed. If you have a direct question, ask but if its something like "What are the basics?" Well, if you took time to read the articles found within the site then you will know. Or back to back asking "Who is the Egyptian god of the sun?" "Who is the Egyptian god of resurrection?" Anything and just about everything can be answered with research. Keep in mind Google is the god of the internet, it knows everything.

~ Respect your parents, I have seen time and time again how children come here and rant and rave about how their parents don't accept their faiths. Have you tried to explain it to them or where you just like "this is what I believe in and there's nothing that you can do about it." There is always a proper way to approach things and learn a proper way. Such as telling your parents that you believe in a faith, and ask them to ask you questions. Parents are much more understanding of your faith if they see that you are not making destructive choices. Use a little common sense and sometimes use the philosophy "some things are better left unsaid".

Alright, now I am off my soap box.
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Re: Seriously everyone think!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
good post, i agree, especially with your parents post. while not all parents are understanding, it's your approach that will determine your results. your parents [like mine] probably don't know what witchcraft is, or Wicca means. you need to sit them down, and calmly explain everything to them [books and online articles would also help] you need to respect their wishes if they say no, or they say 'you can study, but no rituals in the house' or whatever. once you turn 18, if you're really meant to be a witch, you'll just start practicing again. even if your parents say no, being a witch isn't to cast spells, there's so much you can study that doesn't have to do with spells.
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Re: Seriously everyone think!
Post # 3
Knowlegge is power so no question is dumb, even the basic ones.
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Re: Seriously everyone think!
Post # 4
I would not say that asking about the basics is dum but if people were to actually take things seriously, which the kids seem un able to, then they would look around before asking. (Btw I may be the age of a kid but my intellect and reasoning skills and maturity give me the outlook of a thirty year old man so not all of the kids are dum). However, it is ok to ask about spells on the sight because most are fake and if you are still learning magic like me then you might not ketch them. Also not all parents are so understanding. Like my mom is fascinated by wica and would love to start the practice. So I helped explain it to her a bit more. But if my dad found out I believed in wica and was non denominatory (aka no specific god) he would gate me. He didn't like the fact that I dated a wican. So I agree with most of your post but respectfully disagree with some.
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Re: Seriously everyone think!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
@ silverwolf99 while there is 'no dumb question' there is a difference between someone asking something like 'what's the best way to mediate' and 'what's an athame' they're both valad questions, but a simple google search can answer them. the meditation question is rather broad so most don't mind answering it, googling 'athame' though will not only define it, but provide pictures and links to how to use one. some people don't mind asking any question asked them, but others will grow tired of spoon feeding answers to people. there's nothing wrong with asking, just research a little beforehand. this path is made up of learning, if you always rely on others your study will be limited.

@ silvershade, not all kids are so lucky to have parents who understand. they are, however, responsible for you until you're of age [normally 18] until said time, you need to clear things with them first. not all parents would understand, so try to explain calmly providing information. if they still say no, you can just start up again when you turn 18. while you wait, there's plenty of non-pagan things one should learn that will help. you don't need 'Wicca for Life' but you could learn about chakra's, meditation, herbs, ancient civilizations, cooking, and gardening to name a few. plus pagans do other things like recycle, volunteer, donate, pick up trash, spend time in nature, compost, and tons of other things that help the community without any magic use.
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