Flower Remedies

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Flower Remedies
Post # 1

I was wondering whether flower remedies were real and if they actually worked. If so do any of you know any? I would love to try some. But not any that would do any harm to people, animals, etc. :)

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Re: Flower Remedies
By: / Novice
Post # 2

'Flower medicine' is what happens when you let certain flower petals drift on the surface of a bowl of water in direct sunlight for three hours and compress it into a tincture with equal parts brandy. Depending on the flowers included, these 'mother tinctures' are alleged to remedy characteristics of your person and emotional states.

A few examples include:
Agrimony, said to help 'mental torture behind a cheerful face'
Crab apple, to ease self-hatred
Wild oat, for uncertainty over one's life

And so on and so forth.

I don't know that I'm willing to believe deriving tinctures from flowers will fix whatever emotional woe that ails you, but there is credence in the belief that these plants have tremendous healing potential. Botanists have known for centuries that one can cure (or at least treat) common ailments with herbs you might have in your back yard.

The preferred method of harnessing this latent healing potential has always been teas. I'd look into herbal teas made of ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. They're easy to make, cheaper than pharmaceuticals and come with less uncertainty related to laboratory-synthesized compounds, which are brand new to our biochemistry.

Here's a couple just to get you started.

After Dinner Tea -
1 cup of boiling water
1 tbsp fennel seeds

Add the boiling water to the fennel seeds and allow it to sit for ten minutes. Then, strain the tea into the cup. Fennel is excellent for digestion and can ease the bloating that follows from a big meal.

Colic Tea -
1 cup water
1 1/2 oz dried vervain leaves
1 oz chamomile
1/2 oz fennel

Add the boiling water to the vervain leaves, chamomile and fennel and allow it to sit for ten minutes. Then, strain the tea into the cup. Chamomile, fennel and vervain are all good for treating colic, a digestive upset common in infants.

Menstrual Pain Tea -
1 cup water
1 tbsp yarrow
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp dong quai root
1 tbsp vervain leaves
1 tbsp dried vitex

Add the boiling water to the yarrow, cinnamon, dong quai root, vervain leaves and dried vitex. Then, strain the tea into the cup. Yarrow, dong quai, vervain and vitex are all helpful for treating PMS and dysmenorrhea (painful menses).

Hope this helps! Blessed be.
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