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Post # 1
I do not have one side that I tend to go to- I have seen people claim to be "green" witches to "rainbow", "white" and "black". Me? Im colorblind. However, I do believe that magic itself has no color, that the color imposed is based off of the casters' intent. I am Solitary by nature. I spend alot of time in meditation states. am I an experienced witch? That depends on how you classify. Do I do traditional rituals and celebrate as "typical" witches? No. Do I give strength in the Moon and its phases? Yes. As a being, I am comprised up to 60% of water. The moon has an affect on the tides, on the water, thus it affects me as well. I am Elemental by nature. Being a water sign, I find balance with the Earth and Air. I respect Fire but have not worked with it much.

I read when I can, the more I learn, the less I really know. I speak from experience only, and by no means are my experiences going to be yours. I can only share what I have been through and keep an open mind to others. I may be heard headed at times, that is just because I am passionate~ I have my Aura cleansed monthly (and more if needed) I also do daily chakra meditations. I have many tools of divination that I use, however, things have gone silent as of late. I have met and spoken with my guides. I have worked with my animal totem (wolf). I work for the betterment of the pack, but I work as an individual. Scrying is new for me, as I had just begun my Crystal ball use; I have 2 thus far and am keeping it simple until I can gain more experience with it

I am not well versed with herbs and uses- the majority of the work I do is through chants and visualizations with occasional candle work.

I consider myself a spiritual person, at times that in and of itself has been challenging. I first begun my journey into the "craft" when I was 13. 17 years later I am still in my journey. I believe everyone has something to contribute, and at the very least, those brand new, can refresh those with time, what it was like when we first experienced "magic" for the first time. What our initial beliefs/thoughts were and how they have changed and evolved as we have.

I too, was fluffy in the beginning. The first book I read was "A treatise of white witchcraft"- and back then you could *not* tell me that spells were not like what you see in todays Harry Potter. It would be great if it did, however with time and experience has come wisdom.

Enough about me~ Thanks :)
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Re: Ecletic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM. It's good to meet you.
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Re: Ecletic
Post # 3
Hi my name is vic im new to S.o.m. but wanted to contribute
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Re: Ecletic
Post # 4
Thank you Lark
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