How can you tell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> How can you tell?

How can you tell?
Post # 1
I'm a beginner and I just wanted some comments from other people about how they discovered that they were a witch. Should you tell anyone about this?
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Re: How can you tell?
Post # 2
I discovered I was a witch when I was very little. If I wanted it to rain it would rain, if I wanted sun, it would be sunny. And on top of that, when I would cry, lightbulbs would explode, and things would fall off the walls.

Hope this was interesting
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Re: How can you tell?
Post # 3
hey bellefire at least dont tell lies to a tell the truth no can make it rain or explode bulbs at thier will by just looking,crying and willing,and it is too difficult if u were little so please stop posting fake things.
You need not need to find out if u were a witch or wizard.everyone is born with such energies,the only thing is that you need to utilise that power by meditating.if u are a beginner then start with basics before casting spells.if you want to learn the basics and dont know just mail me.i m always willing to help.
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Re: How can you tell?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I don't understand what they mean by "discover they are a witch"...
It's not like magic is for a some select few or higher class.
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Re: How can you tell?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Sariel is right magic isn't some secret thing that awakens in you one day [meaning like with Sabrina when she turns 16 poof she's able to levitate and is a witch] but that being said some people wake up one day and will notice things differently, like they feel a calling.

i was always able to see/hear/sense spirits, and i had prophetic dreams, normal things in my family so whatever, never though i was a witch. one day in high school i had to choose my topic for a big end of year assignment in my world religions class. there was over 100 religions on this handout, but Wicca really stood out to me, so i choose it. a few months later i choose it was right for me. that's how i 'discovered' i was a witch.
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