nonviolent entity

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nonviolent entity
Post # 1
The other day I was in my kitchen with my dog. She was waiting for my mom to come back in. All of a sudden (when no one was in my sight) she started barking violently and backed up as if ready to attack, only she hadn't. I stared where she was looking, but nothing was in sight. But strangely I just somehow knew something was there... only I couldn't see it. Please note I am very sensitive... I can tell where spirits, entities, and other things on the astral plane are... Strangely it didn't seem to be moving. The main reason I knew this thing was there was because of how violently the dog was barking. It took me about a minute to settle her down. With her reaction I had assumed the entity was dangerous and got ready to attack, but I didn't. I had realized it was just standing there watching me. It also followed me in several different places of the house, but it never attacked or made any attempt to. It just stood there watching... like there was a TV in front of it or something... I didn't understand it at all; it never hurt me, it just followed me all around the house and watched me... if you have any clues and can explain what the deal was here, please do respond... I would appreciate an explanation...
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Re: nonviolent entity
Post # 2
I'm not really good with spirits and all but maybe they were able to cloak themselves from your magic. Also you may not have been able to identify it at the time so it could be your spirit guide and your dog was barking because it was worried when it didn't need to. Hope this helped.

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Re: nonviolent entity
Post # 3
Id look into it with a specialist. Animals have special senses, and for it to attack mode is saying something. I've had dogs and with certain pple the dog would take note of them but not turn aggressive, just make them selves aware. At other times my dog has taken on a negative stance. The person had no reason to harm me but the dog didn't like him. i would say its same with spirits
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