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Questions Please Help
Post # 1

I came here because I have questions regarding magic. When I was around the age of 14 my sister came home from a dark carnival with a magic book. She became obsessed with it and eventually brought me into the mix. One day she told me to sit down at the kitchen table that had a plate in the middle with four lit candles, we would all hold hands around the table, close our eyes and repeat, "We want a dollar, we want a dollar, we want a dollar" Or somewhere along the lines of that. However each time we would look under the plate there would be a dollar. I must admit that I was far from believing it was real and assumed that someone was slipping a dollar under the plate when my eyes were closed. That is until I started to pretend to close my eyes and watch the plate and realize that no one had unlinked hands and that a dollar would still appear under the plate each time we did the chant. This stuck me with amazement but I was still not 100% convinced. That is until I tried the spell on my own and just linked my hands around the plate and kept my eyes open the entire time. What I saw was absolutely life changing. I witnessed a dollar fall right through my ceiling surrounded in a blue aura. This was what turned my world upside down and made me think twice about if magic was real or not. After this event, my sister began to talk about an entire world that existed that we could not see. Also that she had a master in this world that was training her. (Believe me I know how this all sounds, but I am not looking to shock anyone, or make you believe in something you do not want to believe, and I am not doing this to spark controversy or get attention, I am just looking for answers please disregard this if you do not know anything about it.) Anyway as I followed my sister deeper down the rabbit hole. She said that because I had not received any training that I would not be able to recall the next spell we were to try next. This was the ability to freeze time and go and do anything we wanted but that I would not remember. However we would do this and each time I felt like I didn't move from my spot and that no time had gone by between the time of the spell and what she would tell me we did after. Any way I would ask her each time what we did and it would be random things like taking the printer paper out of the printer and spreading it all over the floor etc... I had noticed that before I went upstairs that all the paper was neatly stacked in the printer. Also that she had not left the room and we would do this multi able times. This went deeper and deeper to the point where we wanted nothing to do with the book and had to say a spell to be denounced from it and completely lose any power we had be given by the book. She then told me we could never talk about it again, but it is driving me crazy and I want to know what I was doing, and what negative affects this could have on me spiritually or religiously if any. Thanks for your time and I hope that there is someone out there with answers for me.
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Re: Questions Please Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Questions Please Help
Post # 3
I don't have a clue what you did, what you experienced was like something from Harry Potter.

Possible negative effects? I've no idea specifically, but I do know that since you're looking for negative effects, that's what you'll find. Humans generally fall prey to confirmation bias - they will look for ways to validate what they already hold to be true.

From what you've written, you've already fallen prey to it.

If you like, you can just switch your attention to look for any positive effects of your experience. You'll find those aswell.
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Re: Questions Please Help
Post # 4
That's a simple mind arcane spell taking something lost and moving it to a new location to be found. You just specified it for money. People lose money all day so you could have done it all day. That's about as simple as it gets arcane magic like that can e found every where your sister must have stumbled a cross a beginners manual or book.
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