Strange dream

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Strange dream
Post # 1
Twice i have had this dream, maybe a third time.
it starts off at a small town meeting, the type of small town where you could marry your sister, that weird horror movie small town. we are all at the meeting. my friend who sits on my left in class is on my right. we are sitting in the 2nd/3rd row, far right as possible. The leader is asking if any of us are non-christians. I want to stand up and say "hey..." but my friend wont let me stand up. dirty looks and grabbing my arm, she does not let me talk. almost like if i do... this town will go dark ages on me.

then another part of this dream... i think it had to do with this town meeting, i am teleporting into an old stone basement. sort of like the old ailyed ruins from the game oblivion. the dark stone and there is no way in except for teleporting. there are people in the dungeon, and yeah they look a little like the teachers from harry potter (i haven't seen anything from that series since 2010).

i am being chased to the point where i am a little worried in the waking world about what this means. the government is running me down trying to catch and kill people like me. i have to take all my things and hide them. my room normally full of color wass so bland and boring. all ym stuff was gone. my hamster wasn't even there, and the table that holds her was gone too. no bookshelves no seed beads (making jewlery is part of my practice) and even ma (who hates me being a pagan) gives me all her scarves, a huge pile to take with me. we have to hide the fact that, while we are poor (and we are in real life too, we do ok.) we have to hide everything that we have gained from the goverment. last thing i did was teleport into the "basement", i say to the people who are looking at the huge pile of scarves and i say "we can pad our armor with these".

i was meditatin before i fell asleep. normally i do have to hide from the family, but it is more of cleansing bath when no one is home and midnight meditation when no one is awake. i have an orange scarf the i have that is Saturn orange and is the color of my crown chakra... so that has a little more of a magical meaning to me.

i was chanting about...
i like who i am i like what i do
i hope you llike me to
i meditate i chant the rhyme
so i can find out what time he is using
so i can find the key to that ruby door
i hope i can evolve (mentally) with the 'verse
(this was kind of sung)

IF you can tell me what my subconsciousness is trying to tell me, that would be so awesome! i don't have dreams where the goverment is trying to hunt me down, kick in my door and kill me. what on earth was that small town meeting baout?
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Re: Strange dream
Post # 2
It might be nothing... remember, it is only a dream, although I am aware of precognitive dreaming (or whatever it is called, I forget so don't quote me there), especially since I have had past experiences with it myself. However, I find it impossible for such a thing in your dream to really happen much later or soon after...
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