is this true????

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> is this true????

is this true????
Post # 1
hi im a spiritual satanist ive met this dude name mathew he told me awesome stuff he said he was in a very old secret satanic brotherhood very powerful one he said he had many alters in his house of satan an lilith he practiced power meditations an many things he said once you make a pact with satan he will slowly reveal himself to you but hes very cruel he said he did many rituals he also said when he use to take girls to his house to have sex the demons use to scare the ladies soo he had to tell them to stop he said it got much worse every morning he use to wake up and see demonic faces grining at him i on the other hand was like ohhhh this is awesome lol soo i asked him you know were can i find the brotherhood he said you dont find them they find you he said you half to apply he also told me to become a powerful satanist you must make a contract with satan and satan assigns demons to it i asked him how he said i wont tell you how but its very ritualistic he told me.he stated alot to me many rituals he has done to get women the drugs the money idk what to take from this could there be an old secret satanic brotherhood like this? no asshole comments btw his story was amazing theres so much more but yea im just wondering
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Re: is this true????
By: / Novice
Post # 2
you found this an amazing story? whatever, not gonna judge. [side note, you can't swear in the forums, you could be gagged]

i think it's just a story. i'm not a Satanist, so i can't help you too much, but i think he's making this stuff up. first, where did you meet him? if online, i'd avoid him, it'll probably end badly for you. second, while i don't study Satanism i don't think the devil appears before you with a contract, a sexy demon, a new car, and a bag of cash. i think that's more of a Christian view of things. while, yes, you can meet a demon, and there are some that are sexual demons, i don't think becoming a Satanists in this guys secret brotherhood [which i love how secret society members love to brag about how they're in a secret club] will make you any different. i think the only difference would be the group has less to do with spiritualism and more to do with kidnapping people, which last time i checked isn't Spiritual Satanism.

if i were you, i'd research it, the claims and the group, it may be a 'secret' brotherhood, but you might be able to find stuff on, or similar to, his claims about his branch of Satanism.
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