experience for Covens?

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Forums -> Covens -> experience for Covens?

experience for Covens?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been thinking about trying to find a coven to join because I am really passionate about Wicca and I'd like to meet others who share it with me.
I've only been practicing since early 2010 and I've been studying really hard. I do believe I've built up some skill but I'm sure I have much more to learn.
i was wondering when is a good time to join a coven and if theres a certain length of time/experience required to join one.

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Re: experience for Covens?
Post # 2
It will depend on the Coven. Most Covens are willing to take in good honest members. Just be truthful and keep your eyes and ears open for one to join.
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Re: experience for Covens?
Post # 3
A coven is supposed to be an oppertunity to teach and learn. Most people get their training in a coven setting which is a good way to learn and get started. Plus it is eaiser to practice when you can find like minded people to do it with. So it is never too early really to join a coven.
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Re: experience for Covens?
Post # 4
You actually don't normally need a set experience level to join one of the covens here. As far as I'm concerned the only problem you might have finding a good coven is activity in each coven. Many of them have members recently, mildly indifferent towards this site so I would suggest either a larger coven (they surprisingly usually have adequate activity) or one of the more popular covens.
However if you're confident in your ability to post new topics and talk to people reviving covens normally isn't too difficult just a bit time consuming.

So take your pick. No one coven I would say is more befitting than the next. However, because I'm a snot like this, I will vouch for certain members currently in charge of covens like Lark (very knowledgeable in Wicca) or perhaps Lonicera (despite her profile's reputation is actually a very well-rounded and experienced member).
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