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Third eye
Post # 1
There is an exercise related to the third eye that we have to meditate and say "THOH" for 3 days.
5 days have been over since the 3 days time period and all i feel is a little pressure in centre of my forehead. Are there any more steps involved? How much time will it take to get my 3rd eye activated?
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Re: Third eye
Post # 2
Well a free advice First open your other chakras then open 3rd eye start from root or red chakra and it's not easy to open 3rd eye you need lot of practice to do and every person is different so may be it take much time to you may be less depends upon you!
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Re: Third eye
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Work with all the chakras for they are related ,not only the third one .It can be also self suggestion so make sure what you feel is not due to the believe that you should feel it .
The time will depend of you only and your talents and skill .
If it is activated well you should be able to see things with your mind eye .
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Re: Third eye
Post # 4
Work on all your chakras, they all play a role in consciousness development. When one says people should open their chakras, they simply mean unblock them. Do some research on the chakras, the whole point is personal development. When we open our chakras it is not for super powers or worldly gain, it is to become better people and progress in our spiritual evolution. Thus, BEFORE even trying to open a chakra you should clarify why you want to open it, because the reason why you want to open said chakra might be a reason why it is blocked (meaning you'll be wasting your time lol)! Look at chakras as levels of consciousness, no one should be given more attention or you'll unbalance yourself/personality. This is essentially spiritual alchemy, working on your chakras can be medicine or poison.

As for the third eye, or Ajna Chakra (Cakra), you'll want to balance your masculine and feminine energies as the third eye represents non-duality. Furthermore that is where the Ida and Pingala meet each other. Also since the this chakra is concerned with sight, work on your attachments. In Buddhism, we believe that the world is a product of the mind. That's not saying we believe that we are manifesting physical reality with our minds, but that we are projecting our internal attachments onto external things.

Exercises for opening the third eye? Chant AUM as a mantra, it has three parts: AH, OO, MM. Give each part equal length. AUM or OM, represents many things. In Hinduism, Brahma+Vishnu+Shiva=Brahman. AUM purifies the body and mind, and is specifically associated with the third eye. BUT, don't just chant OM mindlessly! Think about how it applies to the world, do some research. You should be contemplating AUM as you chant. OM is used to start MANY Hindu and Buddhist mantras, because it makes the mantra auspicious and sacred.

Good luck.
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Re: Third eye
Post # 5

There are just a few things that i would like to ass to this subject.

The third eye chakra or the 'sixth chakra' as we tend to call it from time to time, is pretty much a confusing and not understandable chakra to work with if you haven't already started with a basic establishment with chakra work. It is always very suggested and highly recommended for any person to firstly begin working with their root chakra and keep working up to develop a basic establishment that will support your higher chakras while the third eye chakra/ sixth chakra is one of them.

While most of the people including the person who posted a link to meditation will suggest you to perform meditation on the spot, I don't suggest it for your third eye development if it's about performing it on the spot. For different people (may include any particular person) it can take time and patience to learn a good method and develop modifications that work best for the individual person. I would usually tell someone to learn about the demands or additional recommended constituents for practice before jumping into this particular practice.
Meaning you should be able to meditate in a general way before trying to open your third eye and attempting to perform meditations that are designed specifically for chakra work including the third eye chakra.
I suggest you to at least know how to generally meditate first before attempting to perform any specifically designed meditations, no matter for what, including the chakra meditations, as I told you already.

I hope it helps.

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