Crazy Dream

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Crazy Dream
Post # 1
hey guys i need some help with this dream i had.

it started with me being in my dorm, and a spell book lying on my bed, black leather with a red circular rune on it and blank pages.
i heard a voice tell me to pour three drops of blood on a page,and when i did, a spell for summoning a demon came.

i said the spell and all of sudden i was levitating from my bead then i saw a human like being in front of me with raven wings and an armored arm, like a shoulder length gauntlet. it touched my forehead and said something in this guttural language and i was enveloped in a redish glow

can anyone help me with this?
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Re: Crazy Dream
Post # 2
I have never heard anything like this, but ill try my best to help.

Okay, first of all, lets start with the fact that it was a dream. Of course that there is a chance that it was not. The Demonic creature you saw touched your forehead, was "it" between your eyebrows? If "it" was, that means "it" may have touched your third eye. "It" may have been trying to possess you, please be aware of that. I suggest that you look up spells (Under the dreaming catagory) for dream protection. If you have any questions just ask.
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Re: Crazy Dream
Post # 3
Well clearly there is demon contacting you for you to summon them. For one don't do it. To the dreams will happen because for whatever reason they know of you. The thing to do would be to light a candle and burn some sage or a dragon blood incense threw your room. Secondly if the dream continues then you may want to practice clearing your mind before you go to bed and then focus on one specific thing so that your dream wont either start off with the demonic problems or you can remember in the dream why you were focusing on something, and you can then control the dream. From expierence I would say that the dreams will continue but not to give into what the dreams want. Be aware but don't give into what they seek. I hope this helps you...

Blessed be.
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