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I have a question...
Post # 1
For a very long time, I've seen these strange streams of light just about everywhere. Only recently has it really come to my attention, considering that, since they've always been there, I've never quite given them a second thought. However, on a road trip over the weekend, as I was staring out the window, I began to pay closer attention to these lights. They would go in every direction, sometimes in a straight(ish) line, and sometimes bending and curving. Most of them were in the sky, but I do see them elsewhere as well. They come in many different "colors", though I wouldn't really call them colors. It's kind of hard to explain. I see them at all times of day. I've theorized that perhaps they're streams of concentrated energy being directed somewhere, but I'd like a second opinion. And a third. And a fourth. I just want some ideas, or someone to back me up.
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Re: I have a question...
Post # 2
You maybe right. It could also be natures energies like the worlds chakra. It maybe light chakra it could be any of those even spirit chakra. I think you should try light magic/earth magic/healing/natural magics and see what they do if they come into your spell are repelled or are unaffected. You could maybe make your own spell or ritual that traps one of those beams temporarily and you can examine it. Just don't try and forceable stop it. No one can 100% tell you what It is so no one can tell you how safe it is. Do more research see of you can't tell us more on what they're like. Good luck!
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Re: I have a question...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
One thing I'd recommend is to look into if these lines occur at the same time as a different stimulus. It's simply because I synesthesia and the way you described it is strangely similar to what I see with sounds, colors that aren't colors and lights that aren't real. Particularly as you see them more in the sky it that's likely because it's an overlay onto the world and the sky is a blank color that it's easier to see them on purely because of contrast and a less complex background. If you're sure that's not it though then it could very well be energy of some sort, such "channels" of energy have been theorised to exist before and is pretty much the foundation of lay lines so it is definitely a possibility.

As Ren said before me though no one can give you a definitive answer we can only really throw up some ideas that you may not have thought of before so that you can see what's the best match for you.
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