Love spells that can work

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Love spells that can work
Post # 1
Hi. I need a love spell. There is this guy who i like and i know that he likes me too. He is just too messed up now and i can feel that he has some trust issues. I just want 2 make him want to see me and b with me so he would know that This can work out between us. Thank u.
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Re: Love spells that can work
By: / Novice
Post # 2
To keep yourself in his thoughts, simply burn an incense or diffuse an oil associated with love - patchouli, rose, ylang ylang, vanilla, etc. - as you meditate over your feelings for him. Focus your intention into the universe by imagining the two of you together in blissful harmony. Picture the special moments you two have shared together, and allow his voice, his appearance, and his personality consume your mind's eye.

This very basic spell should have you coming to the forefront of his mind more often than you would normally. How he chooses to handle this change is in his ball court. He may, overwhelmed with his feelings for you, pursue a relationship ... or, out of fear of future hurt, he may withdraw and become even less receptive. Worse still, if he does intend to carry forward the relationship before it's ready to blossom, he will do so with all his trust issues in tow and unattended to, which forecasts future unhappiness.

That's the trouble with love spells - and toying with people's emotions in general. Everyone handle's them differently, and sometimes they do so in counter-productive ways. You must account for this possibility when you consult magic to solve your problems.

If you're sure he has feelings for you, but hasn't articulated them yet, the best idea is to bide your time and make yourself available to him when he needs you. True love is based on trust and reliability; if you express these virtues to him in indirect ways, he'll come around eventually.

Good luck, and blessed be.
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Re: Love spells that can work
Post # 3
Only you can make a spell work. Even if a spell is only a few words taken out from a book (depending on the type spell), you can make it work. As a Witch I believe in the threefold law. I believe in Karma. If you use someone against their will, it might come back and hit you even worse! You seem new. Magic is not Magick. And Magick is not Magic. Both words
come from the same root, meaning
?to be able, to have power,?
but magic is what an entertainer
does on stage?card tricks, making
quarters disappear, sawing a
hapless volunteer in half.
Magick is the realm of witches
and may include spells, healing,
the harnessing of psychic forces,
and even divination.
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Re: Love spells that can work
Post # 4
I know the difference of magick and magic is. True that, I may be new. But I do know the laws and I respect them.I dont want to interfere with his freewill, as blackbedlam said, i just have to wait for his decision if he would pursue a relationship or not. All I want is to give it a bit of a push. But I do know when to hold on and when to let go. if he doesnt want it, that will be okay, no questions asked. If he does want it then, that will be good.
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Re: Love spells that can work
Post # 5
How can that spell be done exactly? Thank u.
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