symbols for healing

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symbols for healing
Post # 1
i need healing symbols for my autism healing spell can anyone help!!
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Re: symbols for healing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Autism is (thought to be, based on current research) hereditary. For this reason, it is known as a "disorder of neural development" and not an "illness" or "disease." It cannot be cured, either by conventional means (modern medicine) or esoteric means (magic).

Autism indicates that you have trouble with social interactions and are taken to repetitive tasks and behaviors. If this interferes with your life in a significant way, chances are you are already in some form of therapy. Doctors can diagnose autism as early as three years old, and there are many programs designed just to help children with autism live a normal life. If, however, it does not, you are said to be "high-functioning." Doctors may prescribe you medication for any anxiety you suffer in social situations, or recommend therapy. These are all things you should talk to your parents about if you're concerned.

As for magic, I'd recommend looking into meditation. Meditation is a fantastic stress-relief mechanism. If you can learn to relax yourself and enter into a focused state for even a short amount of time, it will dramatically improve your focus and reduce your anxiety.

Good luck, and blessed be.
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Re: symbols for healing
Post # 3
well, if you have any mental disease you shouldn't practice magick anyways do to the fact it can make you more sick, I don't know if the same goes for autism, but with some mental diseases such as bipolar or schizophrenia it can cause the person to think spirits are after them like paranoia to increase, but I suggest that someone with a mental disease that knows how to control and manage it then the person can perform magick without them becoming more mentally ill, but anyways there's some magicks to get rid of mental illnesses such as looking into a crystal or a quarts with your mind and see the phantoms within the crystal, also getting rid of negativity and evil in your life can get rid of mental illnesses do to the fact evil usually attacks the mind, I would say stick to white magick and if you know how to manage your illness and don't do curses I think you will be fine. Oh one more thing if you have negative thoughts of hurting someone or hating them then think of something else that positive and something that's not destructive that will help too, I don't know too much about autism, just a little bit about it but I heard magick shouldn't be practiced often if the person has some or any mental illnesses, but do what you want, if you need or want to do magick then you can, because you have a free will.
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