Pain relief potion

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Pain relief potion
Post # 1
Hello all!My mother has suffered from fibromyalgia for a couple years now and it causes her a lot of pain and weakness. I have been doing some general healing spells and they help a bit but not extensively. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for a good pain relief potion that I could make for her? And if anyone has any good healing spells to deal with an issue of that caliber it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,
Blessed be!
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Re: Pain relief potion
Post # 2

You've got some options, certainly. You'll probably get furtehr interesting information on the road.

I specifically recommend this one ; For inflammation and pain you can use ointment of the Calendula flower. This ointment is especially good for sore feet, inflamed tissue, or achy muscles. This ointment remedy is for external use only. You can either make this ointment by first making an infused oil with the aerial and flower part of Calendula flowers, and then using beeswax or another base to make a cream or salve. An alternative is buying the ointment in an herbal or alternative health shop.

Another option I recommend is the Pain Relief Compound - This is a tincture or liquid extract of four herbs: Jamaican Dogwood Piscidia erythrina , The fresh flower top of St. John's Wort Hypericum perforatum , The leaf and flower of Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria , and Willow Bark Salix lucida .

The analgesic (pain relieving) action that comes from this compound is from the glycoside Salicin which is chemically similar to that of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid; however in this case Salicin is much safer and less damaging to the Liver and other organs. Salicin also produces the same antipyretic (fever reducing) action that aspirin and that of other pain relievers.

It can either be useful for curing any physical injury and health problem beyond that. And bare in mind that you need to get reasonable doses for your mother. If you need any help with the precise amount of doses you need, mail me and I'll give you specifically a recommendation of doses which is fairly reasonable according to my knowledge in herbalism.

I enocurage you to get some creative ideas and use it as smartly as you wish. Aromatic use (the use use the oils of these herbs in your bath. This removes the need for the "tea bag" and won't clog your drain either. I personally prefer to use oils in my bath rather than the plant parts).Aromatically speaking facilitating the oils of the herbs is very pacifying and reposing, and takes less commitment to compose than utilizing the substantial herbs themselves. However, pharmaceutically speaking you do not furtherance any where near as much facilitating the oils likened to using the prosaic plant matter. Of course either alternative is advantageous and conclusively depends on each person's own determination, but I do recommend using the actual herbs in a muslin bag or alternative as to get the healing benefits. Using the whole herbs in a muslin bag also does not clog your drain so long as you tie the bag cautiously and what not.Of course if you're in a accelerate or you do not have approach to the herbs themselves using the oils of each herb is just as assuaging and delightful.

Also -- mind if you ask -- do you desire for any other form of healing health problem beyond physical injuries, like a medicinal one?

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Re: Pain relief potion
Post # 3

just look for the enery potion



honey and a spell u need the energy more than me,so take whats mine and make it yours

but please take only what u need so here u are,so mote it be

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Re: Pain relief potion
Post # 4
Thank you guys! Tiffany that was extremely informative thank you!! I will have to work on getting access to the herbs but when I do I may mail you about the right proportions and all and any other questions I have. Thank you!
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Re: Pain relief potion
Post # 5

Welcome ! =)

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Re: Pain relief potion
Post # 6
I, too, have fibromyalgia. What a nasty disease. It gives much pain without showing itself in damage. Enough sleep, the right knid if sleep, is so very important. I find I need 9-10 hours, or I cannot function. Also, nutrition is very important. I have found foods that cause us great pain for a few days after eating them. Tomatoes was a big one. When I stopped tomatoes, my digerstion improved. And it seems to be different in all of us. I didn't eat spagetti for years because it, combined with sauce, just really upset my body. Also, anything that is hard to digest will cause irritable bowel symptoms, which in turn causes great distress and very much pain. I cannot tell you how upsetting it is when you don't know what is going on to cause the pain to be much more intense, and it turned out to be something I ate.
Relaxation is also so very important when you have fibromyalgia. Migraine headaches are another symptom of this awful disease. Learning the triggers that cause the headaches helps, as the right medicine applied helps the headache to not turn into migraine. So many symtoms from this disease makes it difficult for you and the doctors to find any relief through mendicines. I have ones I take daily, couldn't function without it. I also have strandby meds for those days that I call bad fibro days. We all have them. So in the relaxing part, its important to know what condition you are in to know what to do. A hug hurts. So that's out, except for those days when giving message greatly can help. Cayenne, just a little, in a carrier oil (i use olive oil as it absorbs rather than sit on top of the body) can be used a heating rub. Heat relaxes the muscles. Also I have found eucalyptus oil in a carrier oil helps with joint pain as a rub.
Then there are teas. Anything that helps to relax is helpful. Chamomile being the base, you can add mint for a very tasty tea. This tea with the mint also calms the digestive tract, which,in turn, helps the body relax, which helps the pain. I use combonation of prescribed meds and herbal remedies to be as calm as possible. There is more info, but it will require a book. lol I have been dealing with this disease way before they even had a name for it. Was officially diagnosed with it in 1996. I do hope this helps in understanding the disease and some remedies that has worked for me. Rest is the most important, believe me. Blessed Be...
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Re: Pain relief potion
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
shilajit, humic shale will help.

magnesium plays a huge role in this.
watermelon would be a great addition to her diet.
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Re: Pain relief potion
Post # 8
In order to numb pain mix mint oil with one quarter as much whiskey. It will feel cold at first and will help block out pain.
To alleviate pain use a combination of dalmation sage oil, calendlula oil, and a touch of citrus juice.
Apply both mixtures to outside location of pain. As a general pain reliever in the body use mint, or small concentrations of alcohol.

*Only use the alcohol if you are of age, or a parent gives it to you for EXTERNAL use only.
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