Finding myself

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Finding myself
Post # 1
Well todays my birthday im now 16 but i feel like a nobody i want to find where i belong in this earth find myself

Re: Finding myself
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Happy birthday, and I don't think anyone can really find themselves. I think here on this earth, we're just made to be. Live your passions, or find some and do things that make you happy. At least, that's what I think (:

Re: Finding myself
Post # 3
Happy birthday!!! :D

Don't worry, I felt just like you round about that age...I'm now 20 and STILL trying to find myself. All you can do is learn about yourself as a person right now...what are your likes/dislikes, what are you interested in, etc....

I think it takes people a lifetime of discovery and even then you might die without truly knowing yourself completely as you grow and change constantly as a person.

So just do what makes you happy :D Have lots of fun experiences, have regrets, do what you want when you want to just because you feel like it, smile just because you feel like it etc....Just be a teenager whilst you still can be :) Speaking from experience, over thinking situations and...just things in general can only lead to unhappiness :) So why bother? Just be a free spirit :D

Re: Finding myself
Post # 4
YOU ARE NOT A NOBODY! first off! To find yourself you must first lose yourself. You have to take stock of all the great things that you do have. And go from there.

Re: Finding myself
Post # 5
Happy birthday,i think they are right,i'll be sixteen this month,and i feel that way a lot too.

Re: Finding myself
Post # 6
merry meet you are who you are, always be proud of who you are ,concentrate on bettering yourself so that you better your life, and future, only you can. And everyone is there to help you .reality exist to make you happy. Seize the day, and live life how you want to.And happy birthday you were born to live so live may all your wishes come true.blessed be

Re: Finding myself
Post # 7
its nice to get a note book i did and for each page write topics and fill it out its a book of reflection called a mirror back its fun to look back on so... what i family and friends..what my life should of been like...what my new years resolution will be (to fix it)...what i believe is good and evil to me..everything i want...what i want my after life to be like ...what i want my soulmate to look like or be...i am (zodiac-day of birth totem and about even time your name what your parents and friends see you as not enemys) dreams i have..i hope this helped blessings

Re: Finding myself
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
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Re: Finding myself
Post # 9
When I was your age I made the mistake of worrying about my future before I needed to. Don't worry, to find yourself and your place in this world you need only remain true to yourself and seek out that which you desire. Not simply a material want, but something you truly desire. Something that you love, resonates within you, and feels as if it is a part of who you are as a person. Ask questions, seek understanding, and find something to place your faith in.

Re: Finding myself
Post # 10
Happy birthday.
Okay let me tell you something just a few years ago I was an aggressive ass who loved being smarter than everyone and being sarcastic. Who reveled in the violence of physical conflict. Now as I've matures I sit here at 17 wiser than I want to. Your experience and how you handled them define you. If you want to find yourself act like the person you want to be. I had a close person pass away and he loved everyone. Well when he died I took a good long look at te old cliche if I died today would I have a regrets. My answer was yes. Since then Ive evoke a passifist I found a best friend who I get along with perfectly. My life is starting to come together. I've had new expierenced which have le me down a whole new path. The one you want. The one that makes you feel complete! My advice act like who you want to be. Look at your friends they can be as much a hiderance as a grace. Those who aren't the best of people leave them. I know it's harsh but it's truth. Make your life and yourself how you want to be. Go now my friend and love how you want to! The things you want will slip into place as time goes on! Goodluck and from personal expierence no matter how much you want to go back don't be ho you want to be not who you don't want to be anymore. Goodluck and I hope you get everything you want!

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