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Help Needed...
Post # 1
Hi everyone
My gf broke up with me around 7 weeks ago, i am devastated and i still love her unconditionally and i know hse still loves and cares for me too. I have tried everything you can think of to get her back but shes having none of it shes very strong minded and stubborn.
I have tried 2-3 spells upto now from websites, only over the past few days though, how long does it take for them too work?
Also i was wondering if anyone had a spell or suggestion to get my ex lost without her and would appriciate any help given; ive tried emailing spell casters but they all just seem to be after money. :(
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Re: Help Needed...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hi Clairsham,

First, the spell, later, a warning.

To get a lover back quickly you may use any type of poppet spell. A good one here on this site is the 'Poppet Binding Spell', I am new here and haven't been able to review/practice all the spells posted here, however, I have done a variation of this spell many and it works, provided that you have enough focus and strenght of will. I would add to the poppet any type of human residue, like her hair and fingernails (nail clippings), if you have them, to enhance the power and expite results. Work with the appropiate moon phase, planetary hour and day of the week for optimum results.

Now, the warning.

Love, passion, binding spells are all extremely dangerous. Do not play with other person's will. If she does not want to be with you anymore then practice a healing spell on yourself and move on. Binding spells can backfire specially if the person just broke up with you and you are very, very vulnerable. In this state your focus is not good. Do not coerce the other person to love you, if you succeed the person not only will return to you but will also desire, stalk you and never leave you alone. It will become an unnatural relationship between you too. She will not be herself around you and you will feel bad for doing this to her. And this can go on for years unless you un-bind her from you.

Examine your intentions before moving forward with the spell.

And remember to use a healing spell on yourself.

Blessed be.

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Re: Help Needed...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Additionally, get an amethyst and a rose quartz for healing.
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Re: Help Needed...
By: / Novice
Post # 4
^ above is right , they are very dangerous . I've only ever used a binding spell when iv needed it badly. and thats once . id be careful . i would have an open and frank convo with her and explain how you feel and say look ok i know im not perfect - who is - and explain that you are sorry for what ever you have done (even if you think you havnt , you must say it .)Im no love doctor but if that doesnt work then that bridge is burnt until a bridge builder can build another one (by that i mean , give her time and lots of it ). you might also want to use a relisation spell possibly ? if that how she feels maybe she cant see what thats what she feels ? But i dont know . I wish you all the best of luck in this . i hope you get her back
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Re: Help Needed...
Post # 5
M.m him everybody so far is right but forgot to say one thing love maybe a blessing and also a curse she is strong minded and that shows U can't play with free will I didn't need a love spell to fi d my knew partner he found me. I know I will kick myself for this but if u do do it do it carefully, it can bounce back badly let me know how it goes blessings to all.
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