unblocking bad communication

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unblocking bad communication
Post # 1
Is there a spell to unblock bad communication between me and my boyfriend he and I don't talk as much as we use to and it does bother me. Please help blessed be.)0(
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Re: unblocking bad communication
Post # 2
Something I might do (given the small amount of information):

Get two figure candles, a man and woman to represent yourself and your boyfriend and carve your names into the wax. Dress them with an oil blend for love, communication, and healing. Oils such as peppermint, rose, vetivert, lemon, etc.. Whichever ones you prefer based on the correspondences you use. Recite a prayer as you dress each candle. You could also roll the candles in dried herbs after applying the oil.

I was always taught when using candles to "seal" in the intent. Hold the candle in one hand and hold the other hand above the candle as if it's an open jar that you're sealing with your palm. Then knock the candle three times on a wooden surface. Set the candles on your altar about a foot apart, and as you let them burn continuously, move them a little closer toward each other everyday, until they're touching. Then allow them to continue burning down until they are extinguished.

Dispose of the wax by burying it. I'm a big user of sympathetic magick, so I like using candles that represent things in life a lot. By using candles carved in the form of a man and woman and moving them closer each day, it can help to move you and your boyfriend closer to each other and open communication again. The properties of the herbs/oils will also greatly help, so that's why you'll want to choose those based on intents like healing, communication, friendship, openness, love, etc.

But remember also that a spell won't work on its own. You have to also put forth the 'mundane' actions of finding opportunities to speak more openly with him. I hope this idea helps out.
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Re: unblocking bad communication
Post # 3
Thank U so much that has helped me out alot everyone was I can't do it U save my life blessings to U and ur family, I know someone did this to me and is playing with dark magic I did warn them of it once again thank U )0(
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Re: unblocking bad communication
Post # 4
I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that someone is cursing you or whatever (at least I think that's what you said). Relationships are just hard work and it's tough to keep communication flowing the way it needs to. It's just normal.

If someone is in fact cursing you, then I wouldn't use the spell I just described. That's a different problem that will need to be dealt with differently.
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