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Break up
Post # 1
Hello, so my boyfriend recently broke up with me , we dated for 6 months, he gave me no explantion or a reason why,I know I didn't do anyhting bad cause I'm not a bad person. Is thier a way I can figure out why he broke up with me ? I'm a cancer girl and he's a tarous guy.
Blessed be
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Re: Break up
Post # 2
Well you should just ask him and insist on him telling you. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend but I told him that he was moving to fast for me.

Blessed Be,
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Re: Break up
Post # 3
Oh sorry to hear that U and I are cancers which U go through I what I went through, putting the bits together and to see if U did ring well to his shock U can do better let him stew in his own problem I have just met someone who loves me to bits if I can do it anyone can show him what for when U move on that ur over him. Stay true to itself and ur time to love again will come blessed be )0(
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Re: Break up
Post # 4

Well, sometimes love doesn't last forever, unfortunate but naturally true. Sometimes there are unexpected break-ups, but we need to deal with them as well as we can.

I think you should ask him for reasons again, and if you want, demand them, because you have all rights to know under what circumstances he broke up with you.

On the note of magic... I'd use Divination forms.
You've got various chocies when it comes to Divination related to your quesstion.

Divination is the practice of foretelling future events or accessing information and knowledge via metaphysical means and tools. Throughout history there have been many methods used from the reading of salt sprinkles (alomancy), to the interpretation of flames (pyromancy). Some of the most commonly practiced methods today include: astrology, psychic reading, palmistry, psychometry, numerology, and cartomancy.

In your case i can see that there are few things you can do by researching about different Divination forms and getting to know what to do...
For example, you can take Astrology. Astrology is the study of a person's birth date in relation to the stars and the planetary system in order to assess their characteristics and how they relate to others. Horoscopes are a portion of this method in that they may reveal general aspects related to an individual's zodiac sign. More personalized readings are done through the use of natal charts.

I also highly recommend Tarot and other different readings. . Tarot cards, fortune telling cards, angel cards, playing cards, oracle cards, etc.... The use of any style of card deck to obtain information about a person's past, present, or future is a form of cartomancy. Generally the practice of using such cards is also enhanced by other skills, such as clairvoyance, in order to offer the most valuable readings. Many psychics will use cards as a tool to aid them, perhaps to narrow the scope of a reading to specific concerns of the person.

There are hundreds of decks from which to choose. The most important thing to take into account when selecting a deck is that you should select one that you feel drawn to or a connection that the artwork is appealing to you. If you don't see one the first place you look - try another source.

For instance any method of divination that employs the scattering of sticks, coins, stones or similar objects is considered to be an oracle reading. Meaning you've got many chocies. The two most popular today are I Ching and Rune-casting. Both have ancient roots, Chinese and Norse/Germanic respectively.

There are many styles of psychic readings grouped together in this category of life. I gave you few known recommendations while you can read about other forms of divination which may assiste you to get what you need which is basically the answer for the question you've got.

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