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Psychic reading
Post # 1
Would anyone mind doing one for me for free
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Re: Psychic reading
Post # 2
If you look under the advertisements forums you will find a few people who are offering free readings :)
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Re: Psychic reading
Post # 3
I personally not recommend psychic reading online.I have no idea how you do a precise reading without any personal interactions to a certain person.I would suggest that you study how to do psychic readings like tarot and various divination practices
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Re: Psychic reading
Post # 4

Actually various forms of psychic readings which are done over the internet (more like over a distance and the internet just being a proxy to connect with the reader) has a lot of potential be done just as accurately as a reading done in our personal lives while the reader is sitting with us, doing the specific form of the psychic reading that you might be talking about . Whether in person or over distance it takes practice to get better and further more accurate. It's not really an important or a fact-stated rule to have the psychic reader come in direct contact with the cards to give their energy to the cards so the cards will show more accurately when placed. I'd personally say that It is a highly suggested act to be done, but no big important rule. Many people do not like to have other people - even the reader - to touch their cards. Although I have such an opinion, I always stay very neutral and not judgmental when it comes to answering questions that happen to be associated with magic. I prefer presenting all aspects known to humanity about a form of magic specifically and neutrally talking about the possibilities and potential that each of them happens to obtain.

In a nut shell,
you can get very accurate reading whether over distance or in person with you, the Tatar reader, bring the only person to handle the deck of cards. The cards are connected to the universe and the universe's vast amount of energies. And from that the cards are able to give insight as to what was, what is, and what could be.
Thus, the person who is the reader/questioner is part of the universe and the universe is going to know who to focus in on with what purpose.
There is no necessity in a direct contact of reader to cards for this to be successfully performed.
But other methods can be put into play to have the same effect as with direct contact, but it goes the the reader - by the reader focusing on the client. But because it's over the distance of the internet it makes it harder to focus in on the client for the reader.

To shortly say it, the universe isn't going to do it all for you. But in person with direct client to card contact the connection is made then and there. And for this reason it's highly suggested for such a thing; for example the questioner shuffle the cards while focusing on his/her question as I said.

Saying that technology won't allow for the connection to be made is fairly inaccurate and wrong. That's not really how it works and actually it's a fair misconception. Technology has no say so in the energies of the universe and what they do/don't do. It is likely to be more difficult for a while, but just keep practicing and you'll get it done more and more accurately. And when you get to that point of being able to do those readings accurately you will see the skills you have developed in those practices reflect on your in-person readings where the client comes in contact with the cards.

Anyway personally I recommend you to make some effort and practice, as Kimmy said. However I'd like to add that doing an online reading depends on whoever give it to you. Not everyone can handle one and it takes some time of understanding the cards and people before giving one.
Online readings can be correct at times but they also leave out more detail than a face to face readings. It is also a lot harder to keep track of the reading because when the person does reply with a question about the reading the reader may have already put away his/her cards.

I say go for it. if you don't get the accurate reading you aim for, I say practice and some time dedication is the key...

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