wand making confusion

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wand making confusion
Post # 1
HI! I'm pretty new at this and all but I am making a wand. I'm going to ask you if what I'm doing right and if I should do it. Ok, so it is made out of a tree branch that I've played under with a lot. I checked for fungus and bugs, none on mine. I split the tops of the wand. I want to secure a type or crystal or stone. I don't know which stone or crystal I should put. Plus I'm Christian and religious like. I'm not sure if I should continue spells of magic. I'm confessing every year to the priest. Help plz.
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Re: wand making confusion
Post # 2
If you truly believe that magic is wrong or even have doubts about it conflicting with your religion, then stop. There is no need to keep on going, especially when you are confused by two contradicting things. You must choose one. There are plenty of spells who invoke the Christian God, Adonai, Yahweh, and His 72 names; whatever you may call Him. They invoke angels and spirits all in the name of God and the Holy Trinity. It sounds as if you are very religious so if you want to continue with magic, then do so only invoking His name. Either that or stop, or convert to another religion. If you do believe in an all-loving and all-merciful, all-knowing, and omnipresent God, there is no need to fear because He will love you no matter what race,religion, or whatever other differences that divide us are. The only true, absolute crime is to disregard another person's existence or to take it away from them. Follow what you believe is right.

Unfortunately, I have no experience in making wands. There are a lot of articles here on them I think, and on the internet. You can also ask others, I'm sure they'll be glad to help. I wish you the best of luck!
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Re: wand making confusion
Post # 3
continue with the wand and stay Christian like me. only harming people through magic is against God. chill out. don't confess and be a good wizard
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