Healing spell

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Healing spell
Post # 1
I have been studying spell casting for about a year and a half. I have just recently started preparing to begin casting. All of this started with the belief that I could help my nephew. He is now two. He was shaken at six weeks and I adopted him. Caring for him is quite difficult and only gets harder as his age increases and his mental status doesn't. He is blind in his left eye. I realize this is something we will both live with forever most likely and I am prepared for that and will never give up on him. With that being said I believe I can help him. So my problem is, how do I cast a healing spell for a two year old? My studies have lead me in the direction that a healing spell for someone else won't work unless they are aware...does the same apply here? Any suggestions please...I need to cast a healing spell.
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Re: Healing spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Healing spell
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I know how you feel , my cousins son is baddly disabled ( he might not live past 8) and iv searched every where , asked everything and everyone for anything that will set him right ..... At any cost . Nothing has come up . I often pray , infact its not often , its almost regumented in me . If I find anything I will let you know but as far as I am aware there is nothing we can do,.
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Re: Healing spell
Post # 4
Are you willing to sacrifice things in order to achieve your healing? There are ways to fix deformities and infirmities, but they 'go against the grain', as it requires a a lot of black magick.
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Re: Healing spell
Post # 5
Thank you, I will think more about this
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Re: Healing spell
Post # 6

I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. There's many things you can do. Healing such a physical damage isn't easy while you've got some options. One thing that immediately comes to mind is to do a moon cycle's worth of healing work.

Start with a waning moon,and take a photo ofthe person inneed of healingand write the words "I am healed" directly on the photo (or a photocopy) over their body repeating the phrase in horizontalrows, one on top of the other.

Setthis photo/petition paperon top of a saucer and place a freshegg over top of their image. Do this before going to bed. Pray over the egg/photo that the illness will be removed from him/her. Hold your hands over the egg but don't touch it much. Leave the egg on the photo overnight. First thing upon waking, pick up the egg, handling it as little as you can, and toss it into the toilet breaking it. Flush it down. Repeat every night with a fresh egg.

When the moon cycles back, once it starts to wax, do as before, except get a large white taper and dress it with a healing oil. Place the candle directly on top of the photo - you may wish to start off with a photocopy since the photo will get damaged. Pray over the photo while the candle is burning. Focus on strength and healing and overcoming the illness. Each night pinch the candle out when done and repeat every night until the full moon when you should let the candle burn all the way down.

Take the photo with all the candle wax and add some healing herbs to it, your pick, but choose an odd number: Goldenseal, Althea, Grains of Paradise, Life Everlasting, Self/All Heal, Sampson Snake Root (Echinacea), Angelica, Burdock, Yarrow, and/or Master of the Woods (Sweet Woodruff). Fold your choice of these herbs into the photo paper, always folding towards you. Tie off the little packet with some gold or yellow thread. Place in asmall bag (a mojo bag) and give it to the person in need or hide it in their house. You may wish to add some of the herbs you used earlier loose in the bag, especially a whole root curio(s)

Iftheperson in need of healingis game, have him/her pray over any meds she takes. Affirm their healing powers, that they work effectively. Ifthey are taking healing herbs or mushrooms definitely havethem honor their spirits before ingesting them.

I also highly recommend spritual bathing - a series of removal baths ridding themselves of all the spiritual muck that contributes to their sickness followed by healing/blessing baths.Certainlyresearch amulets and talismans forthe personand have them blessed or bless them yourself.They would also benefit from wearing a healing condition oil as a perfume (although they don't always smell so hot) to keep the magical essence on them. Candlework is always appropriate, as is using this time to deepen one's prayer practice and spirituality. Many folks also petition Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez for miraculous healings and to bless the doctors involved, Saint Jude, and Our Lady of Grace.

There's so much more. Maybe i'll add more later.

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Re: Healing spell
Post # 7
oh no! my mushroom is dying, what should i do? :-(
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