Third eye.

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Third eye.
Post # 1
Hello,if anyone has the time,i was wondering,i found an exercise that is supposed to open your third eye,i was wondering if it has worked for anyone before,and also i was wondering how you pronounce the word you have to say,and it talks about a gland in your brain,how will your brain be different when the gland is active? here is the exrercise thank you for your time.
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Re: Third eye.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
never done it before, seems alright, except i was taught the tone was 'AUM' or 'OM' for the third eye chakra, not 'Thoth'.

i will advise you not to focus on one single chakra, open up all the chakras leading up to the third eye. later, yes, you can focus on one chakra more than another if it seems to be blocked more than others, but it's ill advised to just work with one chakra. the third eye chakra seems to be the most common one people want to work with because it has to deal with clairvoyance. if this chakra is shut energy can pool here. people with under active third eye chakras tend to rely on others to make decisions and are confused. over-active is bad as well, you'll day-dream too much and suffer from wicked headaches because, again, the energy is pooling. the energy must flow evenly through all 7 chakra's, one cannot be greater than the other or it upsets the balance.

try the meditation, but just keep in mind you should work with the other chakra points as well.
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Re: Third eye.
Post # 3

well, pronouncing a word isnt much as important as the meditation. The main thing is to concentrate on that particular chakra mand make it active. So don't wonder too much about how to pronounce those words.
And another tip for the third eye. Before opening the third eye, open your root, sacral, naval, heart and throat chakras first. Don't directly go to the third eye chakra.

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Re: Third eye.
Post # 4

* 'particular chakra and make it active'

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