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Post # 1
I am searching for a path that suits me if anyone can place some ideas and their meaning I would be extremely grateful
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Re: Paths
Post # 2
That depends on who you are. Are you a humanitarian, or do you watch your own back? Are you spiritual or materialistic? Do you hold a firm belief in higher powers?
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Re: Paths
Post # 3
Are you into science? I mix both science and magic together...(and a lot of sci-fy :) I am really nerdy ) they seem to feed off of one another.

What do you feel comfortable with, and use that as a start. do you like brewing teas, or handling pets? can you play an instrument? (I can't)
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Re: Paths
Post # 4

You're the one who walk in a magical path, hence you're the one who makes it and spiritually develops it. I believe everyone has a different path while there are a lot of similarities, yet there is always a difference even when it comes to a simple thing that has to do with a very small and unimportant detail, in fact.

However in order to get an idea about what you may include in your path and get some inspiration form religions, practices and traditions for your new path you need to do some researching and reading to get introduced to magic and to what advantages you can draw from it .
I believe that your path has to do with what you personally do and every step you take since there's a very big difference between a simple religion to a broad path which has to do with any particular personality.

Get to know about traditions, religions, different forms of magic, various magical aspects, etc, take them a specifically design them in a way you can include in your path. You take your specific beliefs and determine the best way to appease your actions.

On a side note ,it is far more important that you learn to think for yourself, and develop an instinctive inner knowing about what is right and appropriate for you in any given moment. Sticking slavishly to accept dogma and beliefs about magic and the nature of reality is not going to reveal any genuine secrets to you. The secrets of magic are to be unlocked by each individual seeker after the truth. They cannot be shared and revealed, only gained through experience, reflection, and the understanding and inner knowing that comes from actively participating in your own magical development.

Having done some reading and getting to know what to include in your path, the process of magic is facilitated by inner work, utilizing primarily the Imagination and Will. I believe that all ,magic is essentially internal magic as I stated in the side note...

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