Love potions?

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Forums -> General Info -> Love potions?

Love potions?
Post # 1
Is there such thing as love potions or is that just Harry potter type thing? If there is could you please tell me how to make them?
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Re: Love potions?
Post # 2
I think love potions are real, but it also depends oh how you make them. I prefers making oils, that way I rub the oil onto me or the person instead of drinking it. I would use drinkable "love" potions with a partner as long as the partner agrees to take it.

There are so many different herbs that have different magickal properties. Find the ones that contain the effect that you want. Extract their properties with olive oil (Herbal Oil Infusions) then mix the oils that you want bless/enchant them and use them.

Lavender attracts men to you. Make a lavender oil infusion, or add lavender essence to oil and rub it on you.
Cinammon inducess sexual desires, add it with the lavender and rub the mixture on you.. lol.. watch how the guy goes wild on you.. hahaha.

Just be carefull what you mix and make sure your not alergic to anything. I would say study on what drives a person and affects a person in a certain way. And defenetly study what you are mixing, make sure you read the warning or danger part of it too.

Most of the time the truth is amongst the tinies words and phrasess.
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Re: Love potions?
Post # 3
Haha first of all I'm a boy and I have no desire of attracting men haha and second of all thank you I am studying potions and herbs at the moment so thank you again.
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Re: Love potions?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
if you mean a love potion like the one in Harry Potter where every girl will love you, no. love potions are real though. a potion is any spell mixed with a liquid, not all are meant to be consumed though. [like lotions and bath salts] you might make one, place it in a bottle, and wear/carry it with you to attract love, or you will have to get the desired person to drink it without them knowing. there's a lot of love spells that will backfire if the person was to ever found out you cast over them, which is why you'd need to trick them into drinking it.

it depends on what you're looking for with the love potion, because it could also be a love oil you anoint yourself with. it would use the smell of the herbs used to attract woman, like with lavender. there are plenty of potions on here for love, poke around an try one, i'd start with baths and teas instead of oils and lotions due to difficulty is all, as well, before consuming anything, be sure you're not allergic to anything in the potion.
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Re: Love potions?
Post # 5
Thank you I was just wondering if they were real haha but thank you anyway it helped a lot!
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