2 things, Death & dreams

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> 2 things, Death & dreams

2 things, Death & dreams
Post # 1
1. Hi all, I was wondering what happens after you die. Is there really an after life or are you just gone? And also, are you reincarnated?
2. This is the mane post of the topic, but I was wondering, I had this dream were I could feel everything and it felt like real life. But at the end a saw this black man (coverd in a black suit). When I was about to wake up everything in my dream went on fire, and the sky turned black. I could hear the guy mumbling, and I was being pulls over to him, and that's when I was woke up by someone's car alarm. So any ideas on what that was? It really creeped me out, considering I could actually feel everything.
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Re: 2 things, Death & dreams
Post # 2
When you are dying, your last and best moments come before you. Like a movie showing your memories. I heard someone having a similar experience somewhere. But she did not die but she said that she saw her all memories coming to her and she was about go into a white light but came back alive. I don't remember where i read this article but i know it. For different people there are different path. After life is real but you won't remember it easily. If you died by drowning in the water in your previous life, you'll have dreams about your past life and you are scared of water.

I don't know if this correct but i'll just say what i know. I think it was your past life where you encountered your repear while you were dying. It is usual in your perceptiion of the clouds turning black and everything going in fire. Or it could be a warning in the future. Dreams are alittle complex to explain. It varies for different persons.
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Re: 2 things, Death & dreams
Post # 3
I wont comment on what happens when you die since I have never experienced such a thing Lol! Your dream on the other hand from what you describe sounds like you were Astral traveling which can indeed seem very real and life like. Like you are almost there.
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