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Astral Projection Manual
Post # 1
Rising On The Planes AKA Astral Projection
Astral Technical Manual P2


[Some attainment in control of the breath (Pranayama)
, control of thought, and introspection is requisite for this
to work correctly. These come to some naturally, others not.
I refer those others to a good book called
Raja Yoga by Swami vivekananda, I am also working on a
crash course on such techniques.]

[A quick set of practices would be thus:
)))* Practice Posture - Sitting still for great periods
of time in a strenuous posture. A simple one would
be sitting in a chair, knees together, hands on
thighs, back and neck erect. Practice this until
it takes little effort to stay there at about
thirty minutes.

)))* Practice Control of Breath - Using the Four Fold
Method - Inhale in four seconds, hold in four seconds,
exhale in four seconds, hold out four seconds, repeat.
Practice this until you can do it effortlessly, tack on
more seconds as you get better to enhance this practice.

)))* Practice Control of Thought - Assuming a comfortable
posture, calm the mind using the Four Fold Breath,
the oxygen depravation & restraint of breath
should calm the mind. Next sit in this position blocking
out every thought. Simply cancel out your reasoning,
pretend to not understand each thought that comes in,
and block it out with a blank black thought.
After you can sit there with a pretty much blank
mind for about thirty minutes move onto the last step.

)))* Practice Introspection - Performing the relaxation
as before, begin to meditate on simple objects,
a red triangle, a blue circle, a black oval, a silver
crescent, a yellow square. Do this for a considerable
space of time and one object at a time.
Next move on to moving objects, such as gears, pullies,
spinners, waterfalls, wind, etc... Do this also
for a considerable amount of time, choose a picture
most suitable to you, make them more and more
complex. Now move on to living
objects, such as a hare darting about the
forest, a bird flying in the air, a dog walking.
Begin adding scenery, weather, lighting, other beings
and objects for the thing to interact with.
Each of these meditations you should master (do well)
for about fifteen minutes each, even though it will
take longer to get good at them depending on your
depth of imagination. ((( For example effortlessly
imagine a blue circle for fifteen minutes, a
set of gears operating a simple clock, a hare
running around and moving in a forest. ]



[Complete the circle of the place,
e.g. perform a banishing and call the quarters or
perform the LBRP.]

[ Use such techniques as the Four Fold Breath to calm
the mind. ]

1. First imagine your form in a lose black Tau robe as standing before
you. Attempt to imagine it more and more vividly. Move it's arms,
move it's legs, move it on and off the ground, turn it around.
After attaining some grade of efficiency at this move on to the
next step.

[ One trick is to practice imagining your new form as a
dim shroud around you, kinda like wearing the form
as a coat or another skin. Practice wearing different
raiment and accessories such as a wand, belt, pentacle,
etc... Some literature on God Form Assumption can be
of some very great aid in this practice.]

2. Close your eyes and make the transition to formulate this
form before you again. Endeavor to enter this form, see through
it's eyes, feel through it's skin, feel the loose raiment on
yourself, move the arms and legs, &c.

[ To ease this have the form in the Sign of the Enterer
, leaning forward, right arm raised, groping for light,
right knee bent. Formulate it in the East first, then
turn it to the West. Make the sign yourself and enter
the form. Then stand the form erect. ]

3. Next imagine this figure as rising farther and farther above the
Earth, the Earth turning into a landscape before thee, thyself
becoming a speck, until you have risen through cloud, and the
Earth itself becoming a speck, until you have risen such
to such a height that there is nothing but darkness.Having thus
reached a great height next endeavor to see some place, any place, a garden,
a forest, a desert, or some vision.

[It is easier to imagine the air as passing about thee as if
flying upward in the air]

[You can also imagine that you are rising upward in liquid darkness
though this can be harder.]

[It can be noted that some Eastern methods actually start off imagining
oneself in darkness and then descending upon some place, in the inverse
of the method described above.]
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