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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> mind reader

mind reader
Post # 1
can you plzz help me in mind reading. i want a spell for mind reading
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Re: mind reader
Post # 2
try this

You need three candles, white for spirit and brand new candles is probably best.

Cast a circle if you do that, if not, find a quiet time and space where you will not be disturbed.

Stand in the middle of your space and place the first candle directly in front of you.

Light it and say,

I am I
and I
seek truth

Place the second candle slightly behind and to your left.

Turn towards it, light it and say,

I am you
and I
seek the truth.

Place the third candle to make up the triangle, light it and say,

I am we
and I
seek the truth.

Now sit down in the center, facing the "I" candle.

Close your eyes, breathe up into a meditative state and until you are quite calm and clear.

Now, see you and him sitting opposite each other, facing each other across a candle.

Let yourself rise up and out of your self until you are above the scene and you can see both of you beneath you.

Slowly turn and move so that you are BEHIND the other.

Say in your mind, say to yourself,

I seek the truth
and nothing but the truth.

Now slowly move forward and into the other, until you see yourself sitting across from the you.

Observe, see, know, talk, listen.

When you have learned what you need to learn, GENTLY move backwards and out of the other. Then rise up to the central position where you can see both of you again, then move straight back down into your own self.

Say in your mind to the other whatever you want them to know, or you need to say. Thank them for their presence, and slowly breathe down until you are back in the room, facing your candle.

You can take that time to think about what you have learned and what you need to do or change now in the hard world; when you are done, blow out the candles in reverse order, bow your head and use what you have learned for the good of all, and harm of none.

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Re: mind reader
By: / Adept
Post # 3
Another ritual ressurected
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Re: mind reader
Post # 4
dont't think.just focus on someone.or for a good trick have ur friend think one thing for about an hour and clear ur mind of everything else and u should be able to hear it.oh and it helps to think words not pictures.
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