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Post # 1
Hello there people, magic is a rare thing to believe in where I live, so it's hard to find places with spell books, so I am taking it upon myself, for all future practitioners who will live nearby, to document as many spells as possible. This is not just a Book of Shadows, it will be many Books of Shadows.
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Re: Documentation.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It's always good to write down all your experiences and ideas as they can be so fleeting to remember otherwise. Always remember though that works for you may not work for everyone else and if you intend to distribute the books not all the material may be useful. Spell books in general aren't typically that much use, guides are far more handy than a particular spell as the template can be adapted to fit any situation and instead conveys key points rather than specifics. A guide also encourages learning where as a spell book encourages replication, spell books can still be useful just not without the background of the templates first.

If you're looking for some material though always remember the internet. There is actually quite a bit of information on magic dotted throughout the internet and if you look hard enough you can find pretty much everything you need.
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Re: Documentation.
Post # 3
My spells almost always cover protection of large areas, such as households, or matters of healing. I only intend the books to be used by those who wish to learn, if they are worthy, they will find the books, and they will learn all they need. At the start of every book I have written three things to remember.
Magic can not do everything in this world. Everything is limited, this world, magic you, know these limitations and find ways to win anyway. That is how to play a game.
Never rely on black magic where white magic fails you, in the long run black magic makes you even more of a failure. For it proves that you were to weak to walk the wise path.
Finally never take a rule to be a law, the rules in these books, the rules that science tells us, are only ever guidlines. (But some guidelines are there for good reason. Remember the Law Of Three)
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Re: Documentation.
Post # 4
I always wrie down spells in my personal Book of Shadows I get them from books at barnes and Nobles or online
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