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Help: Dream Interpret
Post # 1

Is there someone here that can interpret dreams?

I have several dreams and often wonder if they mean something. I find it hard to interpret them my self, but it's easier for me to interpret other people dreams.. I would say that I am a beginner in dream interpretation.

This is the dream that I had last night:

I was outside and it was cold. I had on a dark gray jacket, underneath that I had what looked like a plastic scarf on me. I saw two beautiful yellow butterflies on me. One was older than the other. I could tell because one had longer wings then the other. The one with shorter wings felt more like a baby butterflie. My sister came by while I was out side on the backyard, but it looked like a big green field. She told me to hold her flie durring transformation since both of mine had transformed so easily. I looked at it, it was an actual fly except that this one was a bit larger than any regular fly, it was dark gray with black spots all over it. My sister opened my mouth and tossed it to in my mouth. I took it out and placed it underneath my jacket where it began its transformation. I saw, in my mind, the fly turn into a pink snail with a very pretty, smooth and polished shell. Then the snail grew into a butterfly. A beautifull yellow butterfly. I remember going inside where it was more warm. I took off my jacked and then I unwraped the plastic scarf from my self and saw the butterflies. One was bigger than the other one. Next thing I know they were on a read couch or office chair, on the back of it where its falt. There was something there that looked like lotion. At this point I could only see two of them. The smallest one landed almost on tope of the lotion. It got some on it. It ran to the side to get away and the wings expanded almost to the same size as the larger one. After it got away it started to pull it's wings back inside of it. At this point it looked like a yellow moth. This is when I woke up.

I've tried the dream interpretation thing in the "fortunes" tab but all it did was pick out certain key word and tell their meanings. It didn't really blend it together.. and some of the meanings in gave contradicted each other.

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Re: Help: Dream Interpret
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
To me it is fascinating the order the animals appear in this dream and their colors .

The fly comes first and it is black and gray .I associate fly with the ego .The ego thinks only for itself and its own survival .The gray color is neutral color so i interpret that as being neutral and in same tyme recycling things which are no longer in use for your own growth .Flies do recycle things in way ,because certain species larvae eat decaying flesh .Fesh itself is related with the Ego ,beause Ego is what grant our survival as physical being .Flies live and thrive on death and decay .So first we have first period of recycling the ego and death of it in way (you can not complitely destroy the ego or you will loose survival instinct and not be able to survive on this plain of existance .)So the ego retreats underneath scarf (veil ) which is gray or it is neutral color (neither space ).
Next in this neither space the fly transforms into snail which is pink .The color pink is a clue how you can go through this transformation and that is love and frindship ,probably the strong connection you two have as siblings (you and your sister).
It is almost as if you two push and launch eachother on this process ,because if you love someone you will rather walk next to him to love him and protect him ,rather than drag yourself behind .Probably your sister sees you as her protector and helper she gives you a inner power to not dissapoint her ,because you love her .So it is mutial help from both sides .Snail stands for patience .Some snails can go dormant for some time and then they emerge out of nowhere .So this process involves times ,patience love and companionship between you two and that is the way toward transformation .When this path is walked in this way that will lead to appearance of the yellow butterfly .Butterfly stands for spiritual transformation into new being ,and joy which comes with this process .Butterfly spends some time patiently in this dark shell (chrysalis )and slowly transforms itself in new being .The yellow symbolizes the wisdom and clarity of the mind that comes from spirit and the experience it has gone through ,however without the discipline of the form and its sufferings such transformation will not be possible .Discipline of the form comes from being in darkness and suffering ,but that deminish the ego because you come to realize that you are not in charge of everything and you are not physically invincible ,also you realize how much the love of others matters to you and how much it is important for your soul .
I call this process making art out of darkness it takes love ,patience ,overcoming suffering and never letting go of boundaries we share with siblings and people who we love .Love and patience are our guiding lights in this transformation .
In short your dream tells you that you and your sister will go through some sort of dark period ,which will transform you both ,but that will happen if you never let go of eachother .
You should be grateful about this so powerful sign that you have been given ,your own soul(or another spiritual being ) has given you all the tools and ideas to overcome this hurdle .Stay strong and get on with it .
That is the way i will interprete this dream ,not saying it is 100 precent the truth ,you have to sit read carefully do some more research on the colors and these totems and try to fit them with yours and your sister situation and the relation between you two .But my advice is to not simply ignore these dream it is a message from your soul and an important one by my opinion .
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Re: Help: Dream Interpret
Post # 3
Wow!! Your good!! Thank you so much!!

I the moment I dont think we have a problem going on much. Except for... I have recently placed an altar in my room to honor my God and Goddess. One day when I came back from work she stood at the door and told me that she has been paying close attention to what I have been doing. She said that she had come into my room when I was not here and felt a dark presence. She told me that she couldnt stand being in my room and had to leave. She said "I had to leave.. I didn't like the feeling of evil and you witchcraft and demonic stuff".

That kind of hurt me and got me mad a bit. I have tried to tell her that what I do is not evil. I don't bend magick from it's natural purity and corrupt it by using it to do evil things.. I'm not that type of person.. but they never let me explain.

I too had felt that presence and latter figured out why. The night before I felt the presence (also the night before my sister came into my room) I was trying to tell someone in the chat room how to see beings that "normal" people cant see. When I talk about something I at the same time visualize it. So I feel that with me trying to explain how to see spirits I had attracted one to me and so it was lingering in my room. I was able to get it to leave by opening up the window and leaving the room.. When I came back latter the presence was gone..

Well thank you so much!
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Re: Help: Dream Interpret
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Even the Holly Books mention that when we speak about certain entities , we get their attention ,because they have ways to feel when thier name or kin has been spoken, about .Prayers work on same princip, because we always mention to who we are addressing this plea .
I am pretty sure your sister will get over her sense of fear and prejudice toward the craft once she get to realize the craft is what we make out of it and nothing else .
I have a feeling she will get even more interested in the future :)
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