What kinetic spells work?

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What kinetic spells work?
Post # 1
I always wanted to know if any of these are possible, which ones are they? If none are thats also fine with me. I just would like to know. Also can you tell me if i missed any kinetics or if any of these ones are fake made up words.

Electrokinesis-control electricity
Pyrokinesis-control fire
Aerokinesis-control air
Cirtakinesis-control brightness
Biokinesis-change your looks
Audiokinesis-sound manipulation
Chronokinesis-perception of time
Gyrokinesis-control gravity
Cyrokinesis-control ice
Hydrokinesis-control water
Necrokinesis-kill living things
Smotokinesis-manipulate words using words
Umbrakinesis- control shadows/darkness
Vyrokinesis-change colors
Telekinesis-move objects
Rokokinesis-your speed
Nitmokinesis-manipulate words using mind
Haimokinesis-control smoke
Closokinesis-perception of time using words

Re: What kinetic spells work?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
None of them work. Kinetic magic is very much a work of fiction.

Re: What kinetic spells work?
Post # 3
Telekinesis is prabably real,you'll just have to experiment with the others,i know that you can manipulate the energies assosiated with fire,air,earth,water,light and darkness,but i'm now sure if you can manipulate those things themselves.

Re: What kinetic spells work?
Post # 4
Of the one's you listed these have been found to be the
most prevalent dependent on etheric forces:
Audiokinesis - Manipulate sound
Smotokinesis - Manipulation of astral forces by words
Rokokinesis - Manipulate speed and agility
Telekinesis - Inject thoughts, move objects, do all the above
Biokinesis - Change your looks

It is not a matter of whether not it is possible, but the
manipulation of astral forces are dependent upon the
faculties and potential of the individual within bounds
of certain especial limitations.

Of these you are only listing telekinetic
powers to begin with and is a broad field.

Of all these you neglected to mention psychokinesis
or, in other words, the ability to push thoughts
into others minds is also a telekinetic power that
is also known as 'pushing', whereas moving objects is
known as 'moving'.

Extra sensory perception is the most common of
psychic powers and dependent upon a range of symbo-tangible
factors (symbolic tangible factors) creates an atypical
ESP aspirant who beholds certain fourth dimensional information.
Those with ESP are called 'seers' and also see others thoughts.

Re: What kinetic spells work?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

As Awake already stated: they do not work. End of story.

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