privacy spell ?

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privacy spell ?
Post # 1
ok well first of all hay guys hope you can help me with this -
basically i have a sage smudge stick for protection and i want to do a privacy spell since i learned a few weeks ago that witches can watch you at anytime like with black mirrors and that so i was wondering if any of you could help me with a spell to say light the smudge stick and go around my room and chant something to keep people from looking in to my room with a black mirror or something like that,.
thanks for the help and sorry if it cant be done
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Re: privacy spell ?
Post # 2
There are always a number of clairvoyants in a place that
will pierce more or less into your private life. I would
suggest trying some good shadowing techniques. A fundamental
one would be to simply pretend your not there (in your mind)
hide yourself internally in an attempt to stop any psychic
currents from locking onto yourself.
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Re: privacy spell ?
Post # 3
Thank you I shall try it out
Blessings )0(
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Re: privacy spell ?
Post # 4
A very basic way to create privacy for your person is a shield. This is obtained through grounding and visualizing a shield of energy surrounding your body, keeping things out of your mind. You can layer a few of them.
The color black is seen as the main color associated with privacy, you can bundle sage and ivy together with black string and then let it burn in a dish like incense to help create privacy. If you have access to a hedgerow you can use a twig or stick from it as a base for the bundle.
Sage is commonly used for protection, with the idea that the smoke creates a sort of shield around you.
Ivy tends to grow upon anything stretching into the sky, it hides what is underneath and prevents people from seeing the truth of a matter.
Hedges are planted for privacy, just believe that ideal will carry into the smoke.
The idea is the smoke creates a cloud to fog another's view. The effects should last for a while if you do not purify your space immediately after.
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Re: privacy spell ?
Post # 5
Thank you so much I shield my self often since I'm a empath and sometime everyone's energy gets a bit to much I was just wondering other way to do so and all thanks for the help though
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Re: privacy spell ?
Post # 6
I am with you too, I am a empath, I have great empathy, I can see others auras, hear their thoughts sometimes, I can see auras that look like they are going in fast motion when really they are going slow mode, anyways thanks other guys for posting privacy spells, it will help me too, sometimes a lot of stuff and energy rubs off on me even when the person has not been with me for a while, like if I have been with someone for at least a few years or months their thoughts and emotions energy and feelings stay with me, so thanks for showing us all the privacy spells, sometimes even when I think about someone they accidentlly get summoned or a imprint of their soul appears, so yeah thank you a lot for the privacy spells especially against other witches.
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