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Post # 1
I'm starting a coven named E.C.O.M.S or Ecoms (pronounced "Eckoms" or "Eee comes")
It stands for The Eye, the Cross, the Owl, the Moon, and the Sun

the name came to me intuitively, the symbols came to me intuitively as well, i drew them on some cards.

I'm looking for 2 members to start off with. 2+me=3members. i trust in nature and magic that the right 2 will join. the positions are open to anyone.

i intuitively beleive that this will grow to be a very powerful coven. i trust in the power of magic and will.
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Re: E.C.O.M.S
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I'm curious, what's your coven about? And who are you hoping to attract? I'm sure if you explain more, a lot more people would be interested. Good luck, by the way! (:
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Re: E.C.O.M.S
Post # 3
I am a person, who has studied, and currently studies all kinds of things, from spiritual, to mathmatic, to magical to religious, psychic and beyond. i consider myself to have acquired a great amount of knowledge of myself, the world and all of these things to a level in which i am satisfied, but i always strive to grow more and more. i have a great thirst for life.

Sometimes I operate from mostly intuition, and that is how i am operating when creating this coven, so i dont have an "exact" answer for what this coven is about yet, but what i'll say its about is a group of people who all come together to empower eachother by working together, and all gaining much personal power in the process through sharing knowledge and perfoming magic together. i suspect this coven will become powerful.

the symbols i chose came to me, and when they are all together, i beleive they symbolize "honest truth, honest power, honest knowledge and the desire to grow".

im not looking for any specific kind of person, i'll say, whoever happens to join, and i approve to be in the coven is "meant to be".

i've read your profile, and you seem to be interesting, would you like to join?
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Re: E.C.O.M.S
Post # 4
we have 3 members so far including myself.

message me if your interested.
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Re: E.C.O.M.S
Post # 5
4 members now.
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Re: E.C.O.M.S
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Advertisements from Covens.
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