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Spells forever
Post # 1
Does spells work forever?
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Re: Spells forever
Post # 2

Depends on how you make them, I guess.

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Re: Spells forever
Post # 3
I...? I am not kind of magican I am just next kid with kiddy wishes. Just a simple spell such as "Chant, and it will happen.", it's a text of about 6 lines.
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Re: Spells forever
Post # 4
I guess they can, but I'm not sure. Then again you do have the Macbeth curse from Shakesphere's time thats been around for sometime now. Its a curse were if you say Macbeth before a play something bad happens. I learned about it in Drama and it has countless witnesses with it happening. However, its probally how you believe if a spell last forever or not.
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Re: Spells forever
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Speaking quite generally no a spell will not last for ever. It will last as long as the energy feeding it does so if you keep pumping in energy the spell will keep going, if you stop it will likely stop soon after. Usually though by the time you stop putting energy into the spell it's achieved its goal and so there is no need for it to keep on going. If on the other hand you want a spell to last for a longer period of time there are methods to create external energy sources to keep powering the spell such as servitors/thought forms, blessed/enchanted objects, or just drawing on a different power source from the start such as the elements or a deity.

Taking a chant for example, which is what you stated you were doing, most chants that are going to act over a long duration in my experience (although not always) require "topping up" semi-regularly whenever the energy is running low (usually daily, weekly, occasionally monthly or in phase with a lunar cycle). All you really have to do is say the chant again and direct the energy in the same way you did before.

The McBeth curse is a superstition more than a curse. Drama is shrouded in such superstitions and most actors have some unique ones of their own before going on stage. Us drama folk aren't usually all that bright so we'll believe pretty much any superstitions you tell us and it's more the law of attraction that makes them come true. I wouldn't say it's magical in origin just a shared belief causing events to come true.
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