Greetings From The Black

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Greetings From The Black
Post # 1
From mornig,noon,to night,I travel the world without fright.
Childrens tears I can hear fall apon there faces,this causes me
to journey to these places.One wishes to die by rope,I catch
her and then fill her life with hope. One must be strong,and must
never fold,that is a lesson for the young & the old.
Hi I am The Black Wolf,I come to join you all with peace & joy.
I wish you no harm,I simply can't do evil,no matter what people
think of me,I'm not a heartless monster. I only wish to protect those who may not can protect themselves,or rather,they could,but
have given up because they no longer feel wanted. Don't listen
to people who try to tell you how to run your life,be strong,and
belive in yourself. I know this might sound stupid but in order
to love,you must love yourself first! Me,I only knew love from a
cat I use to have,he sadly past away two monthes ago. My own father didn't even want me to be born,but fate had a differnt plan I guess. A friend of mine wanted to "revive him" so the speak,but I told him no! True I loved him dear,but you have to let things go,or they will never rest in peace. And you don't always get things back the same way they were when you had them.
No matter how much I cried in pain,I could not be selfish,because
then I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. By the way,I keep hearing rumors about people having Fairies with them,how can
I get one of those? I'm always willing to take in things that may
need a little love. My family tells me I'm a better person then my father ever was,and I will keep being better. He was pure evil
he killed any animal that came around,so for a long time until he went to prison,I didn't know what outside was because I was being locked in a small room with the windows painted. So when something shows my kindness I must do everything that I can to repay the favor ten times! Well,I'd love to stay and chat,but
that will have to be for another time. I wish you all well,and
may you never lose the glimmer of hope inside of you.
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Re: Greetings From The Black
Post # 2
Wellcome to som. I hope you enjoy your time with us. Have a super great day! Im sorry to hear about your cat
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Re: Greetings From The Black
Post # 3
welcome to site and I am sorry about your cat I hope you find one that will give you unconditional love
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