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Post # 1
Hi im new and im still learning magic but with little success i need a teacher please im realy in need of help im desperate iv been intrested in magic scense the age of five i used to always be intrested in fire id look into it and see certain visons but when my grandparents stuffed my head with bs about the one almighty god i lost belief and my magic dissapered i want it back so i can help mother earth this is my last hope please sum1 help me
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Re: teach
By: / Novice
Post # 2
you might want to narrow it down a little, have you learned the basics like meditation and charging/grounding energy? if you're following Wicca have you learned a bit about the history, the God and Goddess, the Wiccan Reed and so forth?

if you want to dive right into spell work without any religious strings that's fine, but you should learn a bit about energy work or your spells will fail. you might also want to learn about moon phases and colour associations. not to just dump a big 'to do' list on you, just asking if you've learned 'the basics'. if you have, what path are you feeling drawn to? what do you wish to learn about/study? while asking for a teacher is fine, few people actually take on students, and even less take on people who say 'i want to learn' and nothing else.

you say you wish to learn magic and that's fine, but is there a particular path? while some study many types, it's more common to find someone who specializes in one field. so someone could have vast knowledge about healing and wealth spells, but have never cast a single love spell in their life. is there a particular thing you wish to learn? could be curses, could be 'white magic' [side note, magic has no colour, it's the intent of the caster and the type of spell that makes it positive (white) or negative (black)] could be herbalism, or astrology, doesn't have to spell casting.

a final point, 'bs about the one almighty god' [first careful about the 'bs' thing, not sure if that's considered swearing or not, so try to avoid it] i'm guessing you were or feel you were treated badly at the hands of Christians. i can relate, have a few stories from personal experience, but try not to dwell or hate all who believe in god. while not all Witches believe it, many try to make peace, and many new converts do harbour hatred towards Christians or their old religion, it's mostly a phase. in the past a lot of negative things have come from religious extremists but 'the past is history' as the old saying goes, try to forgive and move on. better in the long run. don't judge everyone in a group by the acts of a few. sorry if i sound like i'm lecturing you, just wanted to point that out, i'm not a fan of the whole 'pagans hating Christians because of the past thing'. like i said though, if it's something that happened personally, try to forgive, or at least let it go. holding onto hatred isn't the greatest thing to do.

anyway, good luck to you, hopefully you'll respond so people can help you out better. blessed be ^_^
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Re: teach
Post # 3
I could reach if you supply what he said above^
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Re: teach
Post # 4
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Re: teach
Post # 5
I would like to learn elemental magic and conjouring plus ancient magicks
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