Love spell for same sex?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Love spell for same sex?

Love spell for same sex?
Post # 1
So i want to do a good love spell or ritual with candles that will attract the same sex because i am looking for a girlfriend and was wondering if anyone knows any good ones?
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Re: Love spell for same sex?
Post # 2
So you want to attract love but not a person in particular? You could try visualizing energy around you. That energy could be attracting in ways. I have been told that people tend to get attracted to energies like that.
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Re: Love spell for same sex?
Post # 3

Though I wouldn't recommend casting a love spell on a particular person , there is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with love energies, or asking for the universe to bring you love. You could try a few things such as:

Wearing a Rose Quartz. A rose quartz is known to attract love. It radiates love energies, and you can think of it as a "love magnet" which will help attract love to you.

Wear Oils as Perfume. Some oils (such as Rose oil) attract love. There are also different oils for the type of love you would like to recieve. I don't think I need to go into extreme detail with that one. Here is a link for oil meanings and usages:

All of these suggestions can be combined into a love spell. You could cast a spell, anointing the candle (red, pink, or both, whichever makes you think of love) with the oils, having a rose quartz on you or at the center of the working space, and focus on the love energies surrounding you, or imagine love coming to you, but you have no idea who they are or when they will come.

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Re: Love spell for same sex?
Post # 4

Spells which draw love to you without specifying who it must be are perfectly acceptable. These do not violate free will as they simply ask the universe (or God, or whomever or whatever you prefer) to find a good choice for you and gently nudge them toward you so that you can date and see if things will work out.

My note on that subject is that any spell which is meant to attract love into your life specifically will be relevant for attraction of the gender you're interested in specifically. It means that having done so, you'll focus the energy on the gender you're interested in to attract the love.

Thus, any particular relevant spell will be affective enough. I believe Hex gave you a good suggestion.

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