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Building Blocks
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Spells and rites are important to some of us here and a few of us go out of our ways to create certain spells that will help us or others. It will be easy to buy a book and follow the guide lines of how to create such a power, but some of us don't have the time or freedom to get such a book.

This isn't about how to create a spell but knowing the building blocks of spells and understanding why those blocks help the spell.

Picture a spell as a line. It is faded and it isn't very straight. All by itself it will do little good for your task or wish. Now let us add some stuff into that spell like candles, charms, herbs, and so on. With those items they make the line more straight. The more straight the line, the better the spell will target in your desire. But the line is still faded. Don't worry, we can add tools into the spell to brighten it up even more. Wands, daggers, hands, elemental forces/Gods/Goddess, and so on. With all of those into the line you have yourself a straight strong line.

Let us take a look at a simple spell for a better view of this idea.

Spell: Cleanse nearby Air by Segulara.

The line or desire is to cleanse the air around you. The items that brighten the line is the staff with the rune of Air enchanted on it. Now the rune itself is also something that straightens the line so it hits the desirable spot. The voice is another tool that straightens the line because you are clarifying your desires of the spell.

There isn't much to make this spell strong so don't expect much of an outcome on the spell. Now you can add more to the spell to make it more powerful which will handle greater dirty energy in the air.

Another spell:

Hasten Recovery by blackbeldam.

Unlike the last spell, this one has more items you need.

Here are the items that will brighten the line of the spell:
Personal Item of the target.
Your voice.

Now items that will make the line more straight:
White cloth.
Sea salt.

There are less items being used to brighten the line and more to power the line. The reason for that is you don't need more items to make it more brighten. If you have enough for it to do the deed, than it will do. Those three put together are strong enough to find the person, get the spell to do what is desired, and has some spiritual help (AKA spirit of the pentagram).

The spell, like a sword about to be forged, needs to be curved in some areas while straighten in some areas. The more items you have, the more straight it will be and might have a few bends there and here. Nothing is perfect because even if the white candle is used for healing, it can also be used for cleansing and other things. So now the line is curved but not as badly curved without the candle, how does that help? With the desire being the line it will draw a certain quality out of the items. With each item sharing the desirable quality the line becomes more straighten.

Now I almost got confused in the end so here is a simple note on this.

Things that brighten the line are things that give it power. Yourself, voice, energy, Gods/Goddesses, Elemental power, Runes/sigils, and anything to brings more energy.

Things that make the line more straight is tools, herbs, charms, ect. They do have energy in them that gives them their quality but isn't strong enough to strengthen the spell but to increase the desire of the outcome of the spell.

This is just a little theory I have, what do you folks think?
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Re: Building Blocks
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I like this theory. It helpfully compartmentalizes the elements of spells in a visual way.

I think of raw magical energy as a bright white light, and the various reagents you use are a prism that narrows the light into a certain color.

With time and practice, your force of will alone will be enough to cast a spell. The aspiration of every spell caster is to eventually render rituals unnecessary.

Thank you for contributing your thoughts. Blessed be.
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Re: Building Blocks
Post # 3

Thanks for sharing, nice post

Blessed be!

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