im sending negative vibes

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im sending negative vibes
Post # 1
Hello first timer, I have been searching the spells and they are great, and I feel like this forum is the best place to ask these questions.

Just to start off with, does anyone know a good spell (like an orb or shield or bubble i'm thinking) that keeps your thoughts from bleeding over to those nearby? I can often hear my roomates (or those nearby) cough if I have a particularly insightful or profound idea, which happens often now that I'm learning about meditation and such. Thank you.

Whats happening now is people who are around me, or think about me, just have a negative reaction. And I feel it's because of me. I currently am going to school, so I am constantly around people, and anytime I go anywhere at least one person will do it, often times many.
What I'm talking about is coughing, sneezing, walking faster if they are around me, looking really uncomfortable to be next to me...... A few people have had some pretty strange reactions, like yelling random shit that doesn't make any sense and running away. It has haunted me for two years now, I am just starting to get a handle on the problem. (I think it has something to do with energy)
At the beginning I could tell that I was rubbing people the wrong way, really for no reason. And random people that I walked past would do it so I thought something was wrong with my appearance. The first time I noticed a pattern was in one lab class, when the TA would walk up and down the aisle, he would cough almost every time he walked past my row. Which annoyed the heck out of me and made me feel depressed, because I don't know what is causing it.

So, I'm hoping someone on here knows a solution to this thing that has been driving me crazy! It has started to affect my friends and loved ones. Many Thanks.
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Re: im sending negative vibes
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You may want to look into the topic of psychic or energy vampires (very different from the fictional blood sucking kind). I'm afraid I don't know much about it but a quick source of the forums turned up this article which I believe may have a decent bit of information for you

If you feel that such a concept doesn't apply to you then another potential would be that you're carrying around a great deal of negative energy with you (although I'd think you probably would have noticed that if you're starting to sense energy). If this is the case then a simple cleansing would work to solve the problem.
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Re: im sending negative vibes
Post # 3
The psychic vampire thing sounds exactly like what it could be, but how would I stop feeding off other people? I am carrying around a massive amount of negative energy too, it's not directed toward any person, just an extreme sense of helplessness, is it projecting onto others possibly?

I do not know what much about energy, I can't see it or feel it except for little tingles if I concentrate. All I know is the negative reaction isn't caused by just sight or smell, so I think something else metaphysical is going on.
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Re: im sending negative vibes
Post # 4
If you think it is energy, the best thing to do is get a charmed amulet, ring etc to keep your energy somewhere and not going crazy around or outside of your body. I had the same problem as you, every person I touched i could feel their energy and they said they could feel mine so I bought a charmed amulet and now when I dont want to use my energy, I just put on my amulet and it keeps my energy under control
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