Need to know about spell

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Need to know about spell
Post # 1
I recently found a piece of yellow sticky note paper in my boyfriends top drawer. It had an eye drawn on it and the ink was washed and faded into the papers as if it was dipped. Below it was my home address. I recently moved in with him and I am not sure the meaning though I know it is a spell. I am a candle burner and practice basics but this alarms me. What does it mean. ? I put it back where I found it. Was it to attract me before I moved in with him ? I still own the house there and my son lives in it. Help ?
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Re: Need to know about spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
the only thing i can think of.. is if an eye was placed on it..
it may be a truth spell..
though i could be wrong. but its definately something to look into.
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Re: Need to know about spell
Post # 3
I could also have been a seeing spell using astral projection.
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Re: Need to know about spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Eyes have been used for quite a few purposes across magic although as it's a sticky note I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that he simply wrote down your new address so that he wouldn't forget it and the eye may merely be a doodle.

Eyes can often be associated with knowledge, vision (in terms of remote viewing, scrying etc) and protection. It has also at times been associated with bringing harm or bad luck but as its your boyfriend I think that's fairly unlikely, why would he want to harm you? If he is a magical practitioner then it's most likely a form of apotropaic or protective magic, if he's not then I suspect it may just be a doodle.

Probably the most sure fire method would be to ask him about it though, we can all speculate but we could get it wrong just as easily as we can get it right.
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Re: Need to know about spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Murfie's got a point, it could be a harmless doodle or maybe some form of protection spell. does he practice magic? you can just ask him about it just say 'i was putting away some stuff and i noticed a sticky note, what what it about?' two people in your situation should be honest with each other. if he's spying on you and you're not trusting him at this stage, what'll happen in ten years?

personally, i feel it's just a doodle. if it was a spell, i think it could just be a protection spell, think 'watchful eye'. if the two of you love each other, i don't see why he'd put something like a curse or is spying on you. just talk with him. if you're concerned about your son's safety, give him a protection charm, and put a protection on him to be safe.
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